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What are the games and ads for PS5, PS4, and PSVR 2? –

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After a large number of rumors, taken to tell the truth somewhat lightly these days, the official confirmation of the new State of play by Sony PlayStationStarting from Midnight between 2 and 3 June 2022. Several insiders mentioned this possibility, but given that many were instead targeting a high-caliber event in September 2022, the announcement came as a bit of a surprise, now as a Sony tradition with a very short time span between the announcement and the event date. Sony has specified that this state of play will be dedicated to Third Party Games and PS VR 2 TitlesSo obviously we shouldn’t expect any introductions to PlayStation Studios-exclusive premieres, but there are still several very interesting candidates we can expect to see.

The state of play will continue 30 minutes A duration that aligns with longer events of this kind, which we’ve seen in other instances not exclusively related to a single game. Over time, we’ve seen Sony use these events to deliver Toys Also very close in time and range from indie productions to high-caliber 3D games, so it’s hard to predict what might be there, but usually the most important presentations are part of a “PlayStation Show”, and perhaps one of these is what was scheduled. September 2022. The main suspect in case of play in June 2022 is Final Fantasy 16, considering the game should be ready for a new presentation, given that the trailer looked like it was already made by Square Enix. . To stay on the topic, Forspoken is also likely to be present, given its October release.

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Hogwarts Legacy is another possibility, but given that he’s recently been the protagonist in another ad-hoc play state, it’s hard to have much room in that state, while having Stray, the indie cyber-cat of Annapurna, is likely to consider his next release. .

State of play June 2022, what do you expect?

Given the related period with Star Wars, some references to the Knights of the Old Republic Remake haven’t been ruled out, while someone could also hope for Death Stranding 2, given it looks almost certain, or even a Silent Hill smash back in fashion. In light of the latest developments in this regard. It is possible to mention Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, considering that the official teaser has already been published and this chapter is still based on the exclusive partnership with PlayStation, as well as Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which appears to have an associated marketing agreement PS5, so we’re putting it in the potential. Many also refer to Capcomfrom which we await news regarding Exoprimal and possibly also Street Fighter 6, in case the console exclusive is also renewed in this generation.

Cross-platform third-party games like Gotham Knights or Suidice Squad: Kill the Justice League are also not left out. Given that Sony has set out to anticipate third-party news, we’re tempted to rule out PlayStation Studios exclusives, but definitely point out God of War: Ragnarok Perhaps with the release date, as the game was recently rated in Korea. PSVR Chapter Two: New Games and Details on PS5 Virtual Reality Guaranteed, given the presence specifically reported by Sony, the surprising impact will be almost entirely on this. The only address we have accurate information about is actually the new address Horizon: Call of the mountain, was introduced on the occasion of the announcement of the new PS5 renderer, but other than that the projects in this regard are strictly confidential. The hope is that there will be information on the device, and possibly a possible launch date and price: given that the expected period should be fall 2022 and the launch will already be accompanied by “more than 20 games”, according to reports from Sony. We can expect a lot of news in this regard.

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