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Serena Williams hails Canada: “Toronto, we’ll meet again”

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Once a great athlete is available Prepare for answer sheet pass, that last image etched forever in fans’ hearts, turns out to be incredibly weak and vulnerable because he’s never been on the pitch; Adrenaline and competitive tension must be drained to the last essence of the body. Really nice relief when dealing with withdrawal anxiety. ‘How to say hello, what’s the best way to ensure my memory doesn’t fade over time?’ A deep inner drive that leads the hero of the story to ask himself the answers to such questions. All physiological and natural questions, for when the champion is on his favorite terrain during the competition, he must greet the world he has known as a home since his teenage years; There is Stunned And don’t know how to react. No one has a primary true destiny, it depends on everyone’s character, but one thing is certain: it unfolds perfectly. The humanity of all these extraordinary athletes.

There are those who keep the feelings and emotions of that final moment of their lives to themselves, not blurting it out to the whole world, but instead sharing it with fans who have grown up with their actions. Serena Williams He is nearing the end of his career as a professional tennis player. Vogue To his signature: the first stage today, the last dance in Toronto with an inevitable greeting to the Canadian public in a heated interview on the pitch.

Interviewer: I see you looking around and I want to give you a moment to absorb the emotions you feel

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S.Erin Williams: Thank you and thank you Belinda for those kind words.

Interviewer: Your announcement a day ago was absolutely the talk of the tennis world and beyond. I’d love to know what it was like taking the field tonight and what the crowd’s reaction has been to you so far..

Serena Williams: “Yes, there were a lot of emotions. Obviously, I want to play here. I always want to play here. And, yes, I wanted to play better, but Belinda (Pencic, Ed) played really well today. But yeah, come on, I’d say the 24 hours are the most interesting“.

Interviewer: I can imagine. Well, our Tracy Austin in the booth thanks you for telling people that we had a chance to enjoy the last few weeks of your tennis. I want to know how you can enjoy these last experiences on the field starting tonight.

Serena Williams: “You know, I don’t know“.

From the stand: “Serena, you are the best”.

Serena Williams: “Thank you, I love you all. It was very memorable. You know, like I said in my article, I’m terrible at greeting. But Farewell, Toronto“.

Interviewer: You told me on Monday you didn’t know if you’d ever get a chance to play here in Toronto again, let alone win. I want to know, what are your last memories and what will you remember from the Canada Open?

Serena Williams: “you know, I have always been very happy hereOn and off the pitch. I will only return to this city as a visitor. But otherwise, it was all remarkable. I’ve had some great matches and some crazy wins. It was very intense. Anyway, it was what it was. I am very happy to be on the pitch today guys. Thanks for the support“.

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Interviewer: You said you would return to Toronto as a visitor. On behalf of all of us here, you are always welcome in this city. We want to make sure you have what you need when you return, and exactly when you need it. This is a gift from the Toronto Maple Leafs [squadra di hockey]The Toronto Raptors and all your friends are here in Toronto

Serena Williams: “Thanks“.

Interviewer: We know your #1 fan is here too. If Olympia needed anything when she returned to Toronto, we thought of her too. Your shirt has the number 22 on the back so you can remember your last match in Toronto, and Olympia’s shirt has the number 5 on the back so she can do it Toronto style when she celebrates her birthday.

Serena Williams: “Thanks. thank you very much. Toronto has the best teams in all of sports, so I’m happy. I don’t celebrate birthdaysAs you all know, Not even Olympia. But thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a pleasure playing in front of you Guys in all of this years So thanks again a thousand times“.

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