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First to Montreal and then to Toronto –

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Postponed due to the Covid crisis, this targeted program of 7 Monegasque companies representing various sectors (technology, consulting, finance, education, commerce, law) aims to “develop the relationship between the two countries”.

We want to support the development of Monegasque companies in Canada, promote synergies and opportunities in the two local business communities, but why not attract Canadian investments in flagship companies.” explains MEB Executive Director Guillaume Rose.

To penetrate this fundamental North American market, MEB logically began its work with the French-speaking province of Quebec and its capital, Montreal, where Monegasque representatives visited CENTECH. of development. MEB work to understand Ontario’s business climate continues until September 24 in Toronto.

For the second part of its economic mission to Canada, representatives of the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) visited English-speaking countries. Objective: To explore the Toronto ecosystem.

The capital of the province of Ontario, Toronto is the banking, financial and commercial center of the English-speaking country. To understand the environment of this region and to settle in the best situation, the Monegasque delegation met with various actors that facilitate the creation of businesses and investments: the agencies Toronto Global and Business France, but also the Conseil de la Corporation de l’Ontario and key players in the Canadian market, the world’s largest law firm, Dentons and Desjardins Bank. With Toronto being Canada’s largest technology hub and the third largest in North America, it was strategic for the Monaco Economic Board to focus on the innovation ecosystem. The Monaco team visited the Mars Discovery District, the largest discovery center in North America, located in the heart of the city.

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Finally, the MEB mission to Canada was also a success for the International University of Munich. Nadine VallejosIUM’s Coordinator of International Relations met with a total of ten universities and business schools in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo with the aim of establishing bilateral student exchange partnerships.

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