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Hogwarts Legacy, Community Manager showing the difficulty of the battles –

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Avalanche Software Community Manager Chandler Wood wanted to clarify the difficulty affiliate you fight in Hogwarts Legacybecause many users after the recent presentation felt that the battles in the game were too easy.

Introduced in the second gameplay demo of Hogwarts Legacy, the clashes were shown in action at the normal challenge level, but the developer holding the controller in his hand is a very skilled gamer, who has been testing the project for some time and so on Make it look easyWood explained.

the Unforgivable curses Have crowd control mechanics, for example, Avada Kedavra causes fear effect among other enemies, Crucio stuns and incapacitates opponents for a time, Imperio causes a hostile unit to be on your side: the fact that all these skills appeared at the same time, said the community manager brought back the feeling Pseudo-weak AI.

Using Arresto Momentum stopped some of the enemies in the arena, but that also relied on the skill of the developer who played during the gameplay demo, who managed to perfectly control what was happening around them and neutralize any threats.

Wood then explained that Dark Arts Arena allows all three curses to be able to be tested, but that does not indicate that they can be accessed in the game: these are optional skills that the user does not receive immediately. For example, you won’t be able to learn Avada Kedavra right away.

“Without wanting to give too much away, I can say that transforming into this power should be something one acquires, and that comes along with the storytelling involved in selecting and learning specific spells.”

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