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Source Code: Between cinema and video games, everything there is to know about film

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In the past 30 years, the video game industry has achieved very important artistic goals, often influencing other existing art forms. In particular, many successful video games have also found new life in cinema, with films based on their stories and characters, as evidenced by the case of The last of us. If cinema does not draw explicitly from the wide range of stories offered by the video game sector, cinema has in any case acquired many of the canonical logics of video games, re-adapted and combined them with their own canons. A particularly great example of this is the 2011 movie Code source (Here is the review).

Directed by Duncan Joneswho will go on to direct the film in 2016 Warcraft – the beginningAnd explicit on a video game, Code source In fact, it’s thanks to the rules of the video game. It is the application of these, between the repetition of actions, the presence of levels and bonuses that give value to an otherwise canonical genre narrative, which also does not lack romantic film elements. written by Ben Ripleyalso an author Eighth note – Boychoir And FlatlinerThus, the film managed to establish itself as one of the most popular titles of its year, both among critics and among the audience.

First, find out which features make it best Code source A great example of cinema meets video game, it would be worth learning more about its story, the cast that stars in it and also the streaming platforms it can be found on, should you wish to see it develop. So far, in fact, in a cinematic panorama that increasingly offers, in one form or another, a narrative with the dynamics of video games, Code source It remains a particularly interesting model for simple viewing for entertainment purposes and for watching and analyzing with more interest, given its ability to say a lot about contemporary cinema.

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Annotation source code

Conspiracy Code source The cast of the film

The hero of the movie is Colter Stephens, a soldier who is part of an experimental government investigation program. Coulter suddenly awakens in the body of another person traveling on a train to Chicago. Before he can figure out how he got there, a massive explosion occurs, killing everyone on the train. When he regains consciousness, the liaison officer, Colin Goodwinin a secret laboratory, who explains to him that he is part of a program called Code sourcewhich allows you to retrieve the last 8 minutes of anyone’s existence through technology.

So the soldier will find himself having to experience the tragedy several times, in order to be able to identify the perpetrators of the crime and bring them to justice before they can carry out a new terrorist attack. Although the developers made it clear to him that there is no possibility to change events and change the past, Stevens will try in every way to avoid the tragedy and save Stevens’ life. Christina, a girl he fell in love with during his mission. However, there is also something else that does not add up, something that Goodwin seems to have kept from him, an element that could greatly alter his perception of that delicate task.

For the interpretation of Colter Stevens there is an actor Jake Gyllenhaalwho wanted Jones out after watching his movie Moon. Next to him, in the role of Colin Goodwin there is an actress instead Vera Farmiga, who found herself having to film all her scenes in just 10 days, after discovering herself pregnant, would not be available for filming. the actor Jeffrey Wright He plays Dr. Rutledge, Goodwin’s boss. Since the two do not share any scenes with Gyllenhaal, but their characters interact through a shared device, the latter decides to stay until after his hours to provide them the lines. The actress completes the cast Michelle Monaghan Like Christina Warren.

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Source Code Cast

Code source And video games, movie meaning between levels and rewards

As expected at the beginning, Code source It explicitly adopts some basic rules of video games, not too alien to the rules of the narrative. From repeating actions to having different levels of adventure, from distortions of space-time to having goals to be achieved, obstacles to be overcome, possible penalties and rewards to be overcome. In this light, it’s clear when watching the movie that it’s set up as a role-playing game, with an avatar (Colter Stevens) representing the player within the Terrien environment. Here the hero finds himself having to perform a series of actions in an effort to advance his quest. If he fails to complete it before time runs out, the bomb explodes and the game is over.

Coulter then has to start over, building on previous mistakes to overcome obstacles. So every time he learns and becomes more skillful. So the environment of the train, which is enclosed, presents a certain beginning and end, but there are many puzzles that must be solved in order to hope to arrive victorious at the conclusion of the “level”. In reaching his conclusion, Coulter not only defeats the primary hurdle (finding the detonator and defusing the bomb), but also gets the satisfying rewards for his efforts, namely the ability to contact his father and rescue the passengers, including Christina, a woman he has fallen in love with in the meantime.

Finally, Coulter appears to land a pose sandbox, and thus with the possibility of exploring the new reality in which he finds himself and stepping over the previously imposed limitations. So here’s how it’s done Code source Video game structures merge with cinematic narratives, giving life to a work that makes entertainment as its primary goal, but manages to propose fascinating reflections on the hybridization of these two art forms. In fact, there are more and more movies that make such logics, like movies Christopher Nolan his upbringing And guard. This shows how the canons of narrative, while not losing their traditional elements, are enriched by the innovations brought about by the new media, while adapting them to the cinema for its needs.

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trailer Code source And where to watch the movie in live broadcast and on TV

You can have fun Code source Thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is actually available in catalogs Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Now, Rai Play, and Amazon Prime Videos. To see it, once you have chosen the reference platform, it is enough to rent a single movie or sign up for a general subscription. This way you will be able to watch it in complete comfort and with the best video quality. The movie is also on the TV schedule Thursday, January 26th in 21:10 on the channel Ray movie.

Source: IMDb

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