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Elisabetta Canales has always been a big fan of sports, and she has also passed this love on to her little daughter Skyler Eva who, in fact, plays hockey on…

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Elisabetta Canales She has always been a huge sports fan and has passed that love on to her daughter as well Skyler Eva Who, in fact, plays ice hockey. In her latest story, the former showgirl showed it off at Striscia la Notizia on Sunday with her daughter, and also complained, jokingly, a little bit about the impracticality of some accessories, like hockey shoes for example. Here’s what Elisabetta wrote alongside a photo of herself helping Skyler tie her shoes.

Elisabetta Canales’ Instagram story

Elisabetta Canales She posted some new stories on her Instagram page and in one of the photos she was sitting on the floor tying her daughter’s hockey shoes Skyler Eva. The showgirl smiles at the camera and writes: “Sundays mean hockey games. These damned hockey shoes need to be shut down with a blowtorch in 2024.” In the following story, Elisabetta explains: “I love hockey, with all the outdoor sports out there… Did we have to get excited about the one at the ice rink with the temperature below Zero?

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Elisabetta and Skylar on social media

Elisabetta Canales He often posts social content in the company of his young daughter Skyler Eva Who plays ice hockey, has a good time with her friends, or cuddles with her dog. The little girl won the hearts of the showgirl’s fans who often wrote to her: “She is really so cute!”.

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