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iPhone, this is the most common problem: the solution at last –

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This summer not only did the heat ripen, but so did our iPhone. Too hot we can cook a boiled egg on it. A phone that is boiling is also a symptom of some system malfunction. There are some precautions we can take to lower the temperature.

The iPhone overheating problem is certainly not new. This extra heat may not be due to the climate alone It’s showing something wrong.

Fortunately, there are simple operations that can do that Solve the problem and avoid malfunctions.

There are many reasons why our iPhone is getting hotter than usual:

  • Processor stressis a phenomenon that occurs when the central processing unit is working intensively.
  • There are some Lots of apps Management.
  • open process in


You may experience iPhone overheating Right after iOS update.

In this case, it takes several minutes for the entire operating system to stabilize.

Clarification for iOS updates

After the update is completed, the iPhone needs a file period of “running in” to resume its normal operation.

If the device is still hot hours after the update, it is a good idea to move on to the next tip.

I’m working in the background

To put an end to overheating, the simplest advice might be Close background apps.

It is possible that some too many applications, or some broken applications, can increase the workload.

To close it, simply double-click the home button to invoke the multitasking, followed by a slide up on the app you want to close.

Update the data

If this is not enough to solve the problem it is possible that some installed app On the iPhone, it is often in use, Are buggy.

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In this case it is recommended Check available updates in the App Store.

The app on the iPhone screen

Simply open the Apple Digital Store directly, look at the updates page and click the Update button on the only offending app, or the Update All button.

cooling system

Probably iOS version in use due to crashes.

In this case, it is possible to rely on dates System updates. Apple quickly realizes if something is wrong with the distributed software version, and often manages in record time to release updates to resolve it.

To keep your device always up to date, just open the Settings panel, General, Software Update.

In the settings panel, if the previous recommendations did not work, the reset item is available.

At first it is recommended that you try the sound ResetIt is less invasive and does not delete any content on the device.

start from zero

If the overheating problem persists, it is recommended to choose it Configure content and settingsto completely reset the device.

Be aware that this last option will delete all existing data. It is recommended to make a backup before formatting the device.

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