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First official images, here’s the new PS5 renderer design

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with a sudden movement, Sony unveils PlayStation VR2 designHe posted some photos showing the viewer and the new PlayStation VR2 Sense consoles, along with the new virtual reality hardware.

The headset will contain a coil Round shape similar to PSVR2 Sense controllerAnd the The design is inspired by the PlayStation 5 family of consoles And DualSense, the viewer includes the same color scheme as Sony’s next generation hardware, as well as some aesthetic and stylistic solutions.

PlayStation VR2 It was designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also (obviously) functional, with a goal Ensures excellent comfort even for long gaming sessionsThe ergonomics are designed to perfectly adapt to the head, regardless of the circumference, thanks to the ergonomic adjustable strap. Weight and size also reflect this philosophy, PlayStation VR2 will be comfortable to wear and will not be an inconvenience to gamers. This model also maintains the possibility of adjusting the distance from the optics, as the headphone jack also confirmed, to report instead a novelty, namely the presence of Rear wheel precisely used to adjust the lenses And a ventilation system designed to prevent fogging of the lenses during game play. Also introduced a built-in shake motor, (re)confirming the camera built into the viewer.

Then Sony confirms it again The headset will connect to the console via a single cable, an option that guarantees greater practicality and significantly less space due to the number of cables required for operation. In conclusion, the company says that the development kits for PlayStation VR2 are already in the hands of the developers, we will soon learn more about the games in development and of course other aspects such as PlayStation VR2 release date and pricestill shrouded in mystery.

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