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Three themed movies to watch while streaming

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Which day is more convenient than today to watch or associate with one of the many Movie that deals with the caseholocaust? It only happens every year January 27in fact, the Memorial DayIt is an international event established in 2005 to commemorate the victims Nazi genocide.

Date January 27 It is no accident. Today, in 1945, the Red Army troops were liberated Auschwitz concentration camprevealing to the world’s eyes the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and its allies against Jews, but also for prisoners of war, political opponents, gays, people with disabilities, and ethnic and religious minorities. The human and historical events of that period are the favorite subject Cinema, which he often tells them about in erotic films. Here are a few Addresses Available at Prime video e Netflix to see in Memorial Day.

Schindler’s List

This movie is from 1993, it can be watched on NetflixIt is a great classic game of its kind. It is based on the true story of Oscar Schindlerwhich during World War II He spends all his possessions to save more than a thousand Jews From deportation to Auschwitz.

denied the truth

This 2016 movie is based on the book Denial: A History of the Holocaust in Trial tell the truth legal battle From Deborah E. Lipstadtan American historian known for her studies of Judaism, who finds herself compelled to prove in court thatholocaust It is not an invention. It is available on Prime video.

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Hitler vs Picasso and others

One of the least known inconsistencies of Nazi regime Is that on the one hand he tried to destroyart It is considered decadent, cosmopolitan and Bolshevik, while on the other hand many looted Museums For the best business. This topic and in general the relationship between Nazism And the art is covered in this 2018 movie, available at Prime video.

#AnneFrank – Parallel Lives

that it docu . movie For 2019, which tells, through the pages of his famous memoir, the life of Anne Frank. The story of the young woman German Jew Intertwines with five other survivors ofholocaust.

the Anne Frank’s DiaryFirst published in 1947, it is a collection of intimate and private writings compiled by a Jewish girl during the time she spent in hiding with her family to escape from Nazi persecution. The movie is visible on Prime video.

Photographer from Mathausen

It is available on Netflix This Spanish film from 2018 which, based on true events, tells the story of a guest in Mauthausen concentration camp Who steals negative images that testify to the atrocities that were committed in that place.

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