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Fabrizio Pace (Diavoli Vicenza), “It’s hard to break through the Tore Bellis defense, but we did it!”

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Saturday, January 21, 2022 pm on MC Control Devils Vicenza Beat the Italian Inline Hockey League championship gameOld Style Torey Belles vs. 8-1. After the match we heard from one of the scorers, Fabrizio Pace.

“It was a match as we expected – he announced it after the match Fabrizio PeaceDevils striker with two goals. – they closed in on defense and we had to try and throw it in. Their goalkeeper saved many shots, but in the end we managed to score eight goals, which allowed us to win the match.

– Your opponents took the lead, did you ever have any doubts?
“In these games you can never say you are sure of winning, but we may have found ourselves a little underprepared with the PKK and also when we had the opportunity to take advantage of the power play. We will certainly work on these two aspects ».

– Next game at Monleale, long drive.
“Every next game will help us prepare for the Italian Cup. Now we have Monleale and we will go to Monleale to play our game, always trying to improve those little aspects that we lack and perfect our game.”

– What do you think the devils are missing now to be at the top?
“In my opinion, maybe the defense is lacking a little interest.”

– Tonight’s goal came after a few minutes and many attempts. Perhaps you are looking for the most difficult solutions sometimes?
«This match also served for this purpose. Maybe in the first few minutes we tried to score good goals, but we have to realize that to win matches, you need even bad or dirty goals, especially when you get to the final stages or against teams with a bigger caliber.”

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– Every match aims to prepare for the decisive moments, starting with the big date in mid-February with the Coppa Italia in Vicenza.
“It will be an excellent opportunity to show the true face of this team, which in my opinion is the best in the tournament. But you have to prove it on the field. Fortunately, we will have a great chance of facing the Final Six at home. We will also be under a lot of pressure, but we will have a great possibility to bring this trophy home.”

– In 2019, the Devils’ first trophy was to win the Coppa Italia, right in Vicenza, on a great hockey weekend. What did your classmates tell you who lived it?
“I was lucky enough to win enough cups and tournaments and win a cup, a title like this is priceless. In every tournament we play, the first goal should be to win. They told me it was a great experience, but I expected it and I can’t wait to be able to repeat this show.”

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