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Val Pusteria: Two year renewals in attack

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HC Val Pusteria is pleased to announce two interesting contract extensions. The Wolves squad for the new ICE Hockey League season is constantly growing and has been strengthened by these two ‘Made in Alto Adige’ players. Leonard Ludwig – “Lenny” – Hasler and Matthias Manntinger will continue to wear the yellow and black jersey and both sign a two-year contract!

Matthias Mantinger His impressive 2023/24 season culminated with a World Cup call-up in Bolzano. In addition to his consistently good performances, the ‘Goal of the Century’ against Ljubljana remains unforgettable, as important as it is astonishing. The 28-year-old scored 10 goals (his personal best in the Ice Hockey League). Manta must continue to improve its performance and, most importantly, grow as a staple of the Lobby family. The left-handed player started playing ice hockey with “Lucci” Caldaro, and from the age of 15 to 25 he wore the “Broncos” jersey, and with the promotion of Val Pusteria to the Ice Hockey League, Matthias Manntinger became a “Wolf”… and will remain so!

also Lenny Hassler – Pusterese DOC – He has a wolf in his heart. After HCP Junior, the 21-year-old forward began his career in the Alpine Hockey League. After a good year in Wolves’ first season at ICE, an injury-plagued 2022/23 season followed (with a handful of appearances at Renon and the USA). After performing excellently with the Broncos, the tall right-hander has returned to the ICE. Hasler can and should take a leap in quality, become a regular in this year’s squad and ring the bell for the opposition.

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Simon BergerHowever, he will not receive a renewal of his contract with Wolverhampton for the 2024/25 season. After returning from Bad Tölz’s youth team, the 24-year-old striker has made no fewer than 323 appearances for Wolves across the Alps Hockey League, Serie A and ICE Hockey League. HC Val Pusteria thanks Berger for his commitment over these years. The affable Puster native will – relatively surprisingly – end his career as an ice hockey player to focus on his studies and career. Luby’s family wishes him all the best for his future!

Matthias Mantinger:

“I really like the direction HCP has taken and I am convinced that with this team we will be able to go far. I will do my best to improve on last season and I am happy to continue being part of this team.

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