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James Gunn lists his favorite Spider-Man movies

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Over the course of a cozy weekend after Thanksgiving, director James Jenn He decided to give his followers in Twitter A short order of his favorite movies from the Spider-Man saga, inspired by the order posted by a blogger. Well, his favorite is not a live action movie, but an animated movie Spider-Man: A New World, followed by spider man 2 by Sam Raimi e Spider-Man: Homecoming by John Watts.

To a fan who responded by saying that it’s not fair to compare animation and live action because Spider-Man: A New Universe can use a lot of things that can only be done with animation, Gunn replied:

I think it’s fine instead. There have been a lot more animated movies out there than Batman, but I still think The Dark Knight is the best. Spider-Man: A New Universe has clearly raised the stakes for all superhero movies.

In the following hours, the ranking of the best Spider-Man became popular on Twitter, so much so that it was elephant Lord NS Chris Miller, my boss Spider-Man: A New WorldI intervened, trying to cool minds:

Fun Fact: You can enjoy more than one movie at once! You don’t have to arrange them or put them against each other!

Best 3: 1) I’m not going to rank the Spider-Man movies, 2) It’s Thanksgiving so we’re thankful for every Spidey, 3) Don’t fall into the clickbait trap of arguing about bullshit

what do you think? What is your favorite spider-man? We remind you that the cinema will be in cinemas starting December 15th.

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You can follow all the news about the movie In our tab.

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