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Live broadcast of the final. Salute to Mahmoud and Blanco, waiting for Maneskin-

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from Barbara Vicenten

For the 25 countries still competing, it’s time for the final match: who will be the winner of Eurovision? Manskin’s super guests at the PalaOlimpico in Turin.

final forEurovision Song Contest 2022
: Tonight at the PalaOlimpico in Turin (And live on Rai1 from 20.35 to 00.50) Compete against each other The Competitors from 25 countries
This is the 20 who qualified during the semi-finals, plus me Five Big Five Those with direct access to the final (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom). graciousness to Mahmoud and Blanco
The representatives of Italy shivered. Guests Maneskin and Gigliola Cinquetti.

Here is a list of 25 contenders, in order of release, with relative song:

Czech Republic: We are Domi – the lights are off
Romania: WRS – Llmame
Portugal: Maro – Saudade, Saudade
Finland: The Rasmus – Jezebel
Switzerland: Marius Behr – Boys Don’t Cry
France: Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn
Norway: Subwoolfer – Give this wolf a banana
Armenia: Rosa Lynn – Snap
Italy: Mahmoud and Blanco – chills

Spain: Chanel – SloMo
Netherlands: S10 – De Diepte
Ukraine: Kalush – Stefania Orchestra
Germany: Malik Harris – Rockstars
Lithuania: Monica Liu – Sentmintai
Azerbaijan: Nader Rostamli – Decline to Black
Belgium: Jrmie Makiese – Miss You
Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Teneford – We Die Together
Iceland: Systur – Me Hkkandi Sol
Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers – Trenulețul
Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs – Hold Me Closer
Australia: Sheldon Riley – Not the same
UK: Sam Ryder – Spaceman
Poland: Ochman – River
Serbia: Konstrakta – In Corpore Sano
Estonia: Stefan – Hope

10:17 PM – Stylish Lithuania

Chic and a little (also) retro by Lithuanian singer Monica Liu with cinimentai. Also, her black hair and sensitivity overpowered Malgioglio

10:13 pm – Rock stars from Germany

Big Five, Germany publishes Malik Harris, German-American singer and rapper presenting the Rockstars, an English song between r’n’b and contemporary poem

10:08 PM – Ukrainians, please help Mariupol

The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra is a favourite, and their victory will be a symbolic sign of their closeness to the besieged population. They sing Stefania, which is a (questionable) mix of rap and folklore, as well as fashion. Please help Mariupol, they shout at the end, asking for the help of the international community

10:03 pm – The simplicity of Holland

Belly, blonde hair and soapy face of Dutch singer-songwriter S10. His De Diepte is one of the most compelling pieces, and in fact everything is focused on music, without any scenography

21:52 – Mahmoud Dina and Blanco

All three conductors lined up for presentation: Mahmoud Moment, Blanco and Italy. Their goosebumps blast PalaOlimpico, everyone sings it in unison. An elegant Mahmud in a black dress, he immediately shot Blanco in sequins climbing a futuristic piano played by Michelangelo. Toning fails at first. Then they recover. The last embrace between the two is so exciting

9:46 pm – Armenia and the White Post come

A scenography made by a bedroom of many white posters and a slightly popular song that managed to conquer the audience for Rosa Lynn, the Armenian singer and songwriter. It’s simple and fun snap

21:42 – Norwegian yellow wolves

Norwegian Yellow Wolves Subwoolfer already remember it thanks to the disguise. They gave that wool a little less banana, but it still had something captivating in the chorus’ hypnotic electronics. Among other oddities, the group does not reveal their identity and speaks through an interpreter

9:39 pm – France, first of the Big Five

We’re in the first of the Big Five: France this year Alvan & Ahez is lined up with Fulenn, a very Tamarrignan song that combines electronics with traditional music (also in Breton). Alphan is an electronic artist and ace of the Breton vocal group. The scenography pumps out tongues of fire and green lights

21:32 – Swiss Bousker

These days, Marius Behr, the Swiss rival who sings Boy Do Cry, also performs on the streets of Turin: a poetic song that invites you to express your weakness

9:29 PM – The Rock of Rasmus

Slightly disturbing is a yellow It balloon by singer The Rasmus. Jezebel brings rock music to the stage and honors strong, independent women who play guitar solos. It’s been nearly 20 years since In the Shadows hit them, but the sound hasn’t changed much

9:25 PM – Saudi Portuguese

Very different vibe with Portuguese Maro and her intense interpretation of Saudade, saudade. Surrounded by five singers, Fado comes to the stage with nostalgia and sadness

21:20 – Spanish Romania

Much discussion took place on the social networks of Llmame, a song by Romanian rival Wrs with an atmosphere similar to Spanish. A skilled dancer, he re-proposes his choreography in the style of flamenco and is already sung by the audience. It is not clear if something is wrong with Romania, but it risks becoming a hit

9:08 PM – Team Parade

All 25 nations parade on stage with their flags in an Olympic-like atmosphere. A warm welcome to Mahmoud and Blanco. Then the conductors enter: bright Laura Puccini, Alessandro Cattelan in a dark suit and Mica in white. At the grand finale, says Laura, we’re making history. In summarizing the evening, the three mentioned that you can only vote after all 25 contenders have performed and that you cannot vote for your country

21:00 – Final begins

The Eurovision Song Contest begins with the sound of Rockin’ 1000 in Piazza San Carlo in Turin singing “Give Peace a Chance”. Wearing a blue jacket and yellow skirt, Cristiano Malgoglio praises Ukraine (but promises his comments will be very bad for all nations). PalaOlimpico starts with Laura Pausini and a multilingual, multi-dress collection of her hits: Bienvenido / Le cose che vivi / Lo canto / La solitudine to the last single box, each song La Pau reveals a different dress, at the speed of a fast-changing artist

20:54 – A hacker attack from Russia is feared

Italian intelligence services possible imminent Pro-Russian hacker attack against Eurovision: The goal will be to sabotage the vote counting process to prevent an eventual victory for the Ukrainian Kalosh Orchestra, which is currently a favorite. All the details In an article by Fiorenza Sarzanini.

8:32 p.m. – Zelensky’s cheering for the Kalush Orchestra

Soon at the Eurovision final, the continent and the whole world will hear the words of our language. And I think that word at the end will be “victory”! Europe, voted for the Kaloosh Orchestra. cos cWith a short video on Telegram Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has launched an appeal to support the candidates from Kyiv who are among the candidates tonight in the Turin final. Noting that their code number 12 Zelensky concluded by saying that we support our fellow citizens! Let’s support Ukraine!

8:02 PM – Performances by guests and conductors

In addition to racing, Laura Busini (presented with Alessandro Cattelan and Mica) singing a medley of her songs and then arriving on stage as guests manskinlast year’s winners, and Gigliola Cinqueti
the first Italian to win Eurovision, who would re-propose Non ho l’et, the song he won in 1964.

7:53 PM – Who are the finalists (and who are the nominees)

Which singers and teams qualified for the final? This evening, 25 artists will perform on stage: In addition to the so-called Big Five (ie Representatives of the five countries that can directly reach the final: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain), there are 20 teams that qualified during the semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday. Here Ariana Askion tells them all and everything. Instead of that This go deep Andrea LaFranchi, among our reporters in Turin, explains Who are your favorites and why?.

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7:36 p.m. – Conchita Wurst: The Kalush Orchestra is a favourite, and “Stefania” is great

Conchita Wurst, the winner – representing Austria – at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is lopsided over who can win tonight. According to the singer, StefaniaUkrainian song Kaloosh Orchestra, Great song. Not only that: in his opinion, the Kyiv troupe gave a great performance on the stage. I think they’re the favorites, they’re at the top of the list of those who can win,” Wurst said.

singer consulting AskanewsHe added: “Eurovision has always had something to do with politics in some way. Feeling of being together. In my opinion, political leaders should see this contest and understand that love is the only answer. clear reference to war in ukraine Which concludes with hope: that Eurovision will carry a message of peace

7:33 PM – Where do you see the final?

The final Eurovision evening will be broadcast live on Rai 1 in prime time. Bids will be commented on – as in the semi-finals – by Gabriel CorsiAnd Christian Malgoglio And Carolina de Domenico. The appointment is at 20.30 for the preview followed by the actual race (from 20:35).

7.10pm – Maneskin performance: They will sing the supermodel and Elvis . song

High expectation of Manskin’s performance, Winners of the 2021 edition of Eurovision And Excellent guests in the evening (with Gigliola Cinquetti). Tonight, the Romanian band will be bringing their new solo supermodel, which was released on Friday, to the stage for the first time. Not only that: Damiano and his comrades will dedicate a Tribute to Elvis Presley Sing if I can dream. The song is part of the Elvis movie soundtrack (directed by Baz Luhrmann, in theaters June).

6:51 pm – Money (Al Rai): The spirit of rebirth at Eurovision

Final Announcement Day Eurovision Song Contest in Turin 2022. There is a rebirth spirit in this event. Chief Rai said, We tested it for the first time in San Remo Marinella Soldi In a long interview with the American magazine, diverse Dedicated to the festival, which was produced by Rai as host broadcaster. Soldi added that although war is causing pain and suffering in Europe and around the world, I believe the public still has a “basic human right” to joy.

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