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Today, supermarkets are now the daily reality for those who provide home shopping services. However, there are many news.

The supermarket we are increasingly fond of As a context, as a convenience in connection with the purchase of our favorite products and of course As far as comfort is concerned They are more and more a kind of small family context that welcomes us every day or almost among the interesting proposals and the increasingly interesting dynamics of loyalty.


Shopping in the supermarket these days It has become a necessary thing for consumers. In other contexts, it is increasingly difficult to find everything we need in one store. In addition, we can count on the quality offered by different companies and of course also A purposeful look at rest. Each series has its own rules, its own internal dynamics, its own brand options, in short, everything belongs exclusively to that particular brand.

Recently, many chainsWith the aim of keeping their customers as much as possible, especially today, at such a delicate moment, they hold contests and stand out in their very exciting promotions. Everything is as expected aimed at complete customer satisfaction. We have seen, for example, how Esselunga It launched, as a chain, the distribution of fuel vouchers for every 5 euros spent on certain products.

Lidl is no exception, one of the most famous and well-known German discount chains in our country. The yellow and blue brand is known for its amazing promotions that include items of all kinds and from all sectors. From biscuits to pasta, passing through the electric car and chainsaw. In short, all available to the customer and exclusively proposed For the sake of the person who is the arbiter of everything in the endthe consumer himself, in fact.

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Lidl, the competition that surprises customers: here’s how to participate in the competition organized by a well-known chain

To participate in the competition organized by Lidl All you have to do is make an account in any amount by November 21, 2022 and fill out the evaluation questionnaire proposed by the same company. This way you will have a chance To participate in the monthly draw of several prizes offered by the German brand. Lidl in our country It does not mean in any case high quality products.

What everyone knows is the dynamics be seen Lidl offers articles from seemingly unknown brands Which is actually part of well known trade groups. An example can be represented by the ice cream brand Gelatelli, produced by Eski, which manufactures In turn, it is part of the Algida brand. Another example is Robigna rice produced under the Scotti brand. In short, quality is more than guaranteed Although the prices are very competitive.

To fill out the proposed questionnaire From the company is useful to register in the exceptional competition, it is necessary to go to the company’s website and fill out the appropriate form. After the respective prizes are withdrawn, then, Any winnings will be validated Only after the customer submits the receipt for that particular expense.

The company will conduct the monthly drawing Until November 28, 2022. The main objective of the competition, as declared by the company itself by the same regulation, is the following: “Implemented with the intent to encourage purchase and Fill out the questionnaire for the evaluation of the Lidl brand and its stores by the consumer.” In short, winning will bring a certain advantage and satisfaction indifferent to the respective winner, participating in the competition, as we have seen, After all it is really simple.

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Today’s supermarketSomehow it is the place of our dreams. But in some cases, as in Lidl, he dreams It can really come trueYou just need a little luck.

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