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Marco Simoncelli, great news for fans: Here’s what happens

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Few have been able to see “SIC”, a documentary dedicated to Marco Simoncelli, which has now come to SKY, and now is the time.

Marco Simoncelli (Getty Images)

It’s been ten long years since unfortunately, Marco SimoncelliThen, at the age of twenty-four, he left us. incidentIt will remain one of the saddest pages in the history of the sport in general and certainly in MotoGP, indelible moments before our all eyes, still difficult to digest even today.

What happened in Sepang remained the indelible event that really upset the two-wheeled sport era. In fact, ten years, it seemed like the same, so much pain is strong in the entire environment, that he lost the smile of a boy so loved by everyone. Recently, it was decided to present a small gift to soA movie dedicated to him.

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A gift for those who haven’t seen Simoncelli

The film was shown on a few evenings devoted to it (December 28 and 29) in the cinema. The first show in the hall was seen by Marco’s parents, Rossella and Paulo. The father often spoke to the media about the initiatives that were implemented in Cattolica and around the world on behalf of his son, and about different moments in these ten years. And also feeling the emotion of watching a movie that I really loved the family.

In a recent interview, Paolo Simoncelli He admitted that he had no regrets in his life: “I would do everything”. And the film that not everyone has already seen is now arriving in the homes of Italians, in an event not to be missed. All this will happen on a birthday so. In short, it would have been 35 years old for the boy from Romania.

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Simoncelli, what a gift: his motorcycle comes back to life (video)

Just January 20, 2022 at 9.15 pm, there he is Sky Documentaries, comes “SIC”. For subscribers, it will also be available on demand or streaming, on Now TV. The docufilm features a high-profile direction, such as that of Alice Filippi, co-written by Vanessa Picciarelli and Francesco Scarrone. Inside the documentary, the beautiful collaborations of historical sweetheart, Kate, and the two pilots who knew Marco so well, such as Valentino Rossi, Mattia Pasini and once again Director Carlo Bernat.

But that’s not all, there are also the voices of Paolo Beltramo, Alvaro Bautista, Claudio Costa, sports coach Carlo Casabianca, Aldo Drodi, technical chief Allegi Diganelo, mechanic Sanzio Raffaele, Giampiero Sacchi and many of Marco’s friends. . Then there is also the person who narrated many of our favorite works and also about so, Gedo Meda. The right tribute to the golden Cattolica boy has finally arrived at the disposal of all those who want to spend a few hours in his “company”.

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