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Press Release: Lymphedema Depot: Lymphedema Awareness Day is March 6, 2011.

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Do you suffer from lymphedema and don’t know where to get help?

Lymphedema is gaining notoriety as the “most-feared” complication of breast cancer surgery. You may have heard of lymphedema but what do you know about it? On the other hand, you may know a lot about lymphedema, but do you share what you know?

Do you know someone with a chronically swollen arm or leg that you have never asked them about?

Do you suffer from lymphedema and find yourself reluctant to talk about it with others?

Do you suffer from lymphedema and don’t know where to get help?

On Lymphedema Awareness Day we challenge you to learn something about lymphedema and to tell someone else what you learned. You might start by searching Facebook for “Lymphedema Awareness Day Canada” and seeing what you find.

Some municipalities have been urged to officially proclaim March 6th as Lymphedema Awareness Day to help bring about increased awareness of this lifelong condition.

You can also visit Lymphedema Depot’s web page of resources for lymphedema patients in Canada . There you will find a poster you can print out and display, a list of provincial associations and other helpful materials. If you go from our Lymphedema Awareness Day page to our Links page, then you will find even more resources that are available to you.

Please visit and click on the Lymphedema Awareness Day logo in the centre of the page.

Also vist our links page to learn more:

You might even be interested in our Events page:

Contact: if you have any questions or want to share your lymphedema story.



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