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Have you seen this Ferrari before? It looks Formula 1 ready

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Here’s the new model of the horse. It’s a great car (Web)

Here is an unpublished gem from the house of Maranello that this time around has blown us away with this extreme car from every point of view. It is in fact a variant of a model already in the Ferrari catalog but which for the occasion has undergone a complete revision from a mechanical and design point of view…

Horse lovers may already know what we are talking about, but for others perhaps this will be really unexpected news. In fact, the models of the Maranello house are so well known by everyone that even a few would be able to afford such a car as a Ferrari.

But for the occasion, our engineers have certainly outdone themselves by presenting a model with superior performance and certainly not a car suitable for daily rotation on the road. In fact, the aim of this car is not regular customers of these luxury cars.

However, as we said, this is not an entirely new car and in fact the Pony’s engineers started from an existing model so they could improve it and make it unique. So the work of those years was embodied in this absolutely formidable car…

Here is the new Ferrari, which you have not seen before

The model in question is the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata, an updated version of the Ferrari 488 GT3 and GTE, both racing models that have competed in international competitions in recent years. Through their reinterpretation, this model was born, also for the track, also very powerful.

It is a car that will cost 473,000 euros in the catalog, certainly an asset and one of the highest prices we could find in the Ferrari catalog. This should make us understand what kind of car we are talking about. Its shapes directly recall those of earlier models with clearly improved aerodynamics compared to the past.

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Here is my modified Ferrari 488GT (web).

The Horse’s engineers, in fact, have succeeded in greatly improving the aerodynamics of the front end without compromising in any way the car’s resistance to frontal motion which has always remained the same. On the other hand, the engine power is around 700 horsepower that can propel the car to a speed of 230 km/h.

Added to all this is the suspension and racing brakes that make this car absolutely perfect for the tracks.

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