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WeWard, this is the application that allows you to make money by walking

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Good news is on the way for anyone looking to win a few extra euros. In fact, the app that pays you to walk has arrived. Here’s how it works.

Food, household cleaning products, clothing, bills and so on. There is a lot expenses We find ourselves having to support on a regular basis, which negatively affects the family budget.

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If all this is not enough, we deal with various daily obligations, we often end up not caring about ourselves and our well-being. It is precisely in this context, then, that an application that allows us to help us Earn by walking.

A valid solution, therefore, for all those who want to get additional income, taking care of their health. But which one? Request Is it and above all how it works? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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Money, the app that pays you to walk up: everything you need to know

A while ago, we saw together how more and more people are able to Earn a lot of money in a week just by sleeping. Today, though, we’ll see together how that’s possible You earn simply by walking. Well yes, that’s it.

This is possible thanks to the app WeWard This allows the possibility of receiving the equivalent received directly to the bank account. But not only that, it is also possible to receive prizes and turn them into donations to charities, but also discount coupons, coupons, gifts and promotions. As long as you walk!

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The purpose of this app, in fact, is to combat sedentary lifestyles, and encourage people to take 10,000 steps every day. This is how many files steps Recommended by the World Health Organization to keep you fit.

Money, WeWard arrives: here’s how it works

In order to use this app, you must first download it from Google Play or Apple Store. Once you have completed this procedure, your smartphone will act as a file pedometer. At this point it is possible to conquer levels and get Wards.

In detail, the first level is 1500 steps and allows you to earn 1 wing. The second level is set to 3000 steps and allows you to earn 3 wings. On the other hand, if you make 20,000 steps per day, you can earn 25 incomings.

There is also a full set of Careers Additional, such as those that indicate calories burned and distance traveled. In order to be able to record what has already been done, you must remember to press the button every evening ‘Validation steps“And that’s it.

Money, WeWard App arrives: how much do you earn

As mentioned earlier, thanks to this application, it is possible to receive prizes, convert them to donations to charities, or receive discount coupons, vouchers, gifts and promotions. But how much do you earn? Well, it must be emphasized that thanks to WeWard’s profits it will not be possible to make ends meet.

However, at the same time it allows you to get additional income just by walking. Thus, the right combination for those who want to earn and at the same time care about their well-being. Going into the details, as reported by FQ magazine, thanks to this application, it is possible to earn money 12 centsBy level every 20,000 steps.

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But not only that, if someone signs up after their report, you can earn 50 cents. Also thanks to this application it is also possible to have small applications Rewards To respond to surveys or view advertisements.

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Thanks to WeWard, this is possible earn Walking. If you are interested in this app, just download the respective app on your smartphone and start moving.

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