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Football, Kitty. Round 18 of the Italian Football League Serie A, Vastogiardi 1-1 Chieti: match result

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Chieti Calcio, a new note released during the day via its official website:

Chieti 2023 begins with a draw – the online article adds a letter. In the phase “F. Di Tella “Mister Chianesi took the lead in the 40th minute with Cesario, Ruggieri equalized the match – Match score sheet: Vastogerardi: Petrichioni, Canale (from the 74th minute Anzano), Panaro (from the 87th minute Iacolo F.), Modesti, Ruggeri , Grandis Thomas, Fiore (Sergio from 68ºC), Antogovanni (Iacolo from 87ºC), Khoris (McNi from 80ºC), Calme, Hernandez. Subs: Piga, Gargiulo, Solimeno, Antinucci, Pintos. Herds Coletti CHIETI: Serra, Spinelli, Mollica, Paglia (from 84° Bregasi), Vaccaro, Salto, Cesario (from 66° Mancini), Mercuri, Riosa, Di Prisco (from 75° Masayoud), Rossi G. Available: Vitiello, Natella , Marino, D’Innocenzo, Pichard, Barbetta – reads the official website. Chianese Coach Scorers: 40′ Cesario, 56 Ruggieri Referee: Francesco D’Andria (Nocera Inferiore) Assistants: Emanuele Petrakis (Siena), Angelo Mazza (Reggio Calabria) Yellow Cards: 49′ Mercuri, 51 Serra Red Cards: 66′ Mercury Note : 1 rec. first half, 5′ rec. the other half

This is what we read in an official note issued a short time ago by the Chieti FC club information service of Chieti Calcio, through which the news was spread. Source of the reported note:

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