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Press Release: Melanie Orr of Interiors Working for You Takes Home Staging in Halifax to New Levels

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Melanie Orr of Interiors Working for You takes home staging in Halifax to new levels with her expertise.

With so many buyers in the HRM searching for the “perfect” home to fit their dreams, sellers must do something to set their homes apart from others so they will sell quickly and for their asking price. Melanie Orr of Interiors Working for You provides Home staging in Halifax that gives sellers the edge over others by turning their homes into spaces that are organized, appropriately dressed and fitting for a broad range of buyers.

Melanie Orr of Interiors Working for You specializes in Home Staging in Halifax and offers the most experienced services available in the Halifax area.

Melanie specializes in Home staging in Halifax, and with seven years experience she is the longest standing certified stager in the HRM. “I love houses, and I love people,” she says, and it is that passion that has driven her to be the best at what she does.

Unlike what many television programs depict, home staging in Halifax can be a very affordable process, and it typically increases the saleability of a house significantly. Home staging also decreases selling time so that instead of waiting over 90 days to accept an offer, many sellers are accepting offers that meet or exceed their asking prices within a few short weeks.

Melanie Orr takes home staging in Halifax to new levels with her creative approach and her experienced background. She anticipates the constant problem-solving that is involved and enjoys working with all types of sellers. Her non-judgmental approach has earned her a solid reputation with sellers and with real estate agents throughout the city.

To find out more about Melanie Orr, Interiors Working for You and home staging in Halifax visit:


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