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The director talks about sales, no regrets –

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The creative director to Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyDuring the last BAFTA night, Jean-Francois Dugas spoke about the game, discussing Sales below expectations to the publisher but also with reference to They have no regrets And that the development of the game was also quite positive.

In an interview with, Dugas reported that he saw the game as a SuccessFrom his point of view: “I think it’s a great ride, full of emotions, with a lot of quality. Is it a perfect game? No, like everyone else, I don’t think it’s perfect, it can always be improved upon,” said Eidos Montreal’s creative director.

“But it’s amazing expertise? Is it different from the rest of the games you tried this year or last year? Is it worth spending time on it? Honestly, I think so from the point of view of the game itself.”

As for sales, which didn’t hit Square Enix’s financial results (as often happens to the publisher in question, frankly), Dugas nonetheless reported no regrets.

“We did everything we could, but this is there market reality“Let’s not forget that this is a new intellectual property,” he said. “Although Guardians of the Galaxy is a clearly well-known brand, from a video game point of view it may be an unknown product.”

The latest release from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Xbox Game Pass, which seems to have cost Microsoft between 5 and 10 million dollars (actually a rather low cost, considering the importance and relative novelty of the game), clearly increased the player base. “It happens, we always want to sell trillions, but it’s not always that simple,” Dugas explained.

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The future and the end next one As for the game, the creative director didn’t want to overreact, stating that he didn’t want to discuss the issue since the project recently ended and it’s not yet time to talk about it.

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