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Machi attacks Times Square “Islamic extremism”

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On January 1, the 19-year-old was arrested by the NYPD attempted murder. Trevor Pickford has been transferred in the hospital after being injured in the shoulder while shoot with the police.

According to the American newspaper, it was Pickford extremist Recently and then he planned to blow it up in the capital. Shortly after ten in the evening On December 31, the young man attacked three officers who were nearby At the corner of 8th Street and 52nd Streetjust outside the security cordon for the Times Square festivities.

Officer, just graduated from the Police Academy, suffered from A.S Skull fracture during the attack. The other two officers, including the officer who shot Pickford, have been discharged from the hospital.

Bomber farewell speech

The day before the attack, Pickford wrote a farewell note to his family in a diary found by the police. “I am afraid that you will not repent before God, and therefore I hope in my heart that a part of you will believe, so that they may be expelled from Hell.”

Intention to join the Taliban and family denunciation

According to sources reported by CNN, Pickford was questioned by the FBI in Maine in mid-December, after he stated that he intended to go abroad to help Muslims, saying that he was “ready to die” for his religion. The young man’s mother and grandmother reported him to the police after the boy expressed his desire to travel to Afghanistan to join the Taliban.

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