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Child stamps massacre in Canada, Humane Society International: “Massacre for fur”

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New puppy hunting season Trademark Inside Canada. A season never to be missed this year has once again raised controversy and protests in the ecological world, which continues to ask for a pause. Yes, because this time, in addition to the hunters armed with sticks and horns, the poor seals had to deal with their own changing world. Climate change will inevitably thin the ice, where women will give birth and breastfeed. In fact, the ice melts very quickly and the young seals enter the water before they are strong enough to survive.

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“In recent years, on the east coast of Canada, the Humane Society, an environmental organization that deals with the protection of animals, has underlined and spread the terrifying images that we have proposed, recording the thinnest sea ice in history due to climate change, a catastrophe not only for seals but for the entire planet.”

And above all for this reason, the beginning of the seal hunting season is considered more cruel to animals that are already exhausted. Puppies that have been attacked by clubs with hooks and horns and, after that, are often still alive, escaping man-made mutations in their habitat. Puppies do not last more than three months of life in almost all cases. “Everything, associations thunder, for their fur.” Canada is not the only country involved in trademark hunting. It is still in force in four countries: Namibia, Norway, Greenland and Russia. On May 5, 2009, the European Parliament voted to ban skins and products derived from trademark hunting.

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