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They send my movies, but they don’t know I exist

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The actor has protested on social media against public service, hinting at a silence about his person that could be attributed to the various interviews his brother Massimiliano gave in recent weeks in which he has not been named.

Gianfranco Gallo Rai challenge. The Neapolitan actor, known for his participation in several productions of cinema and television series, has challenged the public service company for his treatment in recent weeks. He did so via his Facebook account, grumbling about the silence about his person who struggles to explain it, especially if it is related to the amount of Rai products he is associated with, some of which have been aired in recent days as he himself notes:

They make me die. Ray sends out at least a couple of films every year where I am (only this week 2), series reruns, etc. Among other things, films that Rai Cinema co-produced, but then they don’t know I exist. legendary.

Gianfranco Gallo’s words against Rai

Although there are no explicit references in Gallo’s words, one can imagine that his dissatisfaction is connected with the fact that he is not mentioned in the numerous interviews that in recent days he sees his younger brother the protagonist, Massimiliano Galloin recent weeks the face of imagination Vincenzo Malenconico, failed lawyerguest in different containers just to talk about the series.

The relationship between Gianfranco and Massimiliano Gallo

Sons of Art, heirs of Nunzio Gallo who was a great hero in the history of Italian music, Gianfranco and Massimiliano Gallo together founded “Compagnia Gallo”, and they gained increasing popularity in the theaters of Naples and throughout Italy. They met together on the same set in 2009 for Marco Rizzi’s “Fortàpasc,” which tells the story of the journalist murdered by Camorra Giancarlo Ciani (played by the late Libero Di Renzo). But over the years, their artistic partnership has broken off and the roads have taken different directions, without specific explanations or explanations about the nature of this separation. Nevertheless, it seems clear that Massimiliano Gallo prefers to avoid discussing the topic in public interviews, as happened, for example, on the occasion of his passage to Dominica Inn on November 6.

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