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Media Release: Home Wood Burning is a Hot Problem for the Environment, Claims Metro Vancouver

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Metro Vancouver staffs are claiming that wood burning at home in Vancouver is becoming dangerous and taking a toll on air quality. This is affecting the environment and increasing air pollution. They are asking the homeowners to look for alternatives as a way to reduce the emission. Media Release (02/20/2018) MARKHAM, ON "In a cold country like Canada, it's hard to stay warm without a hot fire at home. Vancouver, while its winters are milder than other parts of the country, is no different. Don't get me wrong, conserving our environment and reducing pollution is important. It's just a matter of finding a mid-point," says Marc Aube, the owner of Magic Touch, a service provider of chimney cleaning and dryer vent maintenance in Canada.

"Something as simple as chimney caps can go a long way. They protect the environment by limiting the amount of emission that comes from a fireplace. If you have a chimney at home, have a chimney installed, or look for similar devices to lessen your carbon footprint."

Metro Vancouver wants Canadians to know that although individuals don't have much of an impact on the overall environment, communities do.

"What we want people to recognize is that what seems like a relatively small activity done by one person or one family, when it's multiplied out by the population of the region, becomes pretty significant," said Julie Saxton, who works on air quality for Metro Vancouver.

It's been decided that by 2022, all wood burning appliances have to be registered. By 2025, all unregistered appliances will no longer be permitted to burn wood indoors.

For now, homeowners can only burn wood to stay warm during the winter. The burning of painted wood, garbage and plastic are strictly prohibited as it causes harm to other people.

About Magic Touch Home Services:

Since 1990, Magic Touch Home Services has been helping Canadians with their chimney cleaning and dryer vent maintenance needs. With its many qualified technicians on its team, they are able provide high-quality services to clients. They sell chimney caps and chimney liners to both homeowners and businesses.

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