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Story by Andrea Pimbini

Story by Andrea Pimbini

We’ve always talked about Andrea Pimbini as a singer/songwriter but there’s so much more behind it: a desire for redemption, dreams, ambitions and the strength to defy disadvantage.

Andrea Pimbini was born on 01 November 2022 On the ticket. Living in Pescara since childhood, that is the environment to grow up in. In 2014, at the age of 12, he opened his first film Youtube channelSign an agreement with the YouTube Network (VSP Group) in 2016, he changed his network (which also acts as a management company) and signed a partnership agreement. Greater Fool Media of Rome.

Yes Performs live in Pescara and Chieti Brings his top ten comedy format to life by airing his videos. In the same years he Minecraft servers Where, thank you VIP packs can be purchased in-game, building a community of 40 permanent players by hiring a staff of fellows to help him in the server development company. He changed in 2017 Music: The introduction takes place in Romex, The International Comics Festival brings together every edition 200,000 people from all over Italy.

In 2021, he participated in the #iosuonodacasa initiative to entertain the public from home during the lockdown. Live streams are shared Sky TG24, All Music Italia, Radio RAI 2 And many newspapers. That same year, Andrea finished in the international rankings advertisement board. In 2022, he is interviewed messenger And, after a A tour of Abruzzo festivalsCooperate Sound Rock Creating a nationwide advertising campaign. In September, his new single was released TelesiaTV screens in Italy’s airports and subways.
However, parallel to his musical activity, Andrea also founded a blog called TheGameTV.it in 2017. Thanks to the portal, he cooperates. Xbox Game Studios and Xiaomi IT By reviewing the products it receives.

TheGameTV also serves as a press office for Andrea’s efforts. In 2021, he will begin studying Economics and ManagementUniversity of Pescara Also, he is leaving in 2022 after getting top grades Erasmus And start datingSplit University, in Croatia. From November, he also has the opportunity to follow two courses offered by Andrea CERGE-EI Foundation (A joint venture between University of Prague And Economic Institute of the Czech Republic).

A demanding journey, long and full of changes… How have the past years been for you?

I honestly had so much fun. Of course when you say what you did, people only see success, but behind it there are many failures, tears and iniquities.
At one point I was angry and then I started to laugh about it… However, I understand that when you get negative comments it means you are good. When you don’t get criticism, ironically you should worry because no one wants to hear from you anymore.

In 2020/21 you led the effort to cancel the final exam…

“From an economic point of view, I tell you that the high school exam makes no sense: the exam costs the state hundreds of millions of euros every year, and there is no income. I explained the reasons for canceling the exam with the petition that reached Parliament.

I reached 70,000 and more members, but unfortunately Italy is a traditional country (more natural than the average age, every child has about 5 older people). In fact, most of the comments were: “It was done in my day, why don’t you do it? careless generation”. But those “lazy” go abroad to succeed… who knows why.”

Your dream at 20?

“Go to Canada. It is one of the best countries in the world in terms of standard of living in general. Everything I do today is a step towards that goal. I will.”


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