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Do you know the team Checco Zalone supports? The comedian’s response amazes everyone

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Checco Zalone is a stand-up comedian who has set box office records with his films in cinemas: do you know which cast has been supporting practically forever?

Checco Zalone has a specific team to support (Facebook)

The actor is always ready to joke even when talking about important topics, as well as much lighter topics. The world of football has fascinated him since he was young. Shiko Zalone He claimed to have one heart team And we never gave up on her, not even in difficult moments.

The passion for these two colors is the spring that always drives him to dream big and see the team achieve important results. The news surprised fans football And make others happy who already know it.

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Do you know any team that supports Zalone? The answer is surprising

Which team supports Zalone
Zalone and boundless passion for his favorite team (Facebook)

Chico Zalon He is originally from the city Barry He always supported his city team. The police capital is currently facing a tough tournament in Series C Even if it is fixed in the head. The last match that Red and White won against Catanzaro who is currently second in the Southern Group was also decisive. Anyway, Zalone, in the double appearance of the comedian and singer, dedicated a song to the team he’s supported since he was a kid.

Barry’s colors excite him so much that he can no longer do without them. Once he is able to return to the city, he does not waste time and always tries to follow the Puglia team to the field.”Saint NicholasFans of the Apulian formation are clearly happy that a famous actor thinks of Bari, even after several kilometers, for the series: a passion for football has no limits whatsoever.

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