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With Bdl Correggio Lodi waiting for tomorrow in the Serie A1 Championship, the spotlight is now on the Serie A2 and Serie B with four interesting races.

Scandiano roller. It is necessary to return to success to try to enter the playoffs. The team of Alessandro Cobesti, who is sixth in the 21st in the A2 Championship, today at 6 pm in PalaRegnani, is waiting for Montebello, the last former Echo with 8 points. Entry to the factory is free, upon reservation, direct on the Fisr website. Scandiano is fully booked and therefore with Damon, Vicky (goalkeepers), Bossani, Stephanie, Cortes, Rocha, Ehime, Barbieri, Ufa and Fontanesi. Minimotor Correggio. Mission: Impossible. The boys from Bastias, third with 13 points, play tonight at 8.45 pm on the pitch of leader Ticino 05 at height 40. On the track are Salins and Gasparini, goalkeepers, as well as outsiders Pedroni, Mangano, Righi, Caroli, Pozzi. Cassari, Gabi and Francesca Manero. The player was the hero of a historic moment at Correggio Hockey when she was in a midweek Serie B match with Modena, posted simultaneously with Giorgia Teli and Alessia Villa, three girls for the first time in the Corredese five-man senior men’s competition. Serie B today at five in the evening at the Arcostrotura stadium, will face Massimo Barbieri ScandiƱez Rutilesica (0) Pizarro (9). However, at 6 pm Roller Scandiano di Uva (12) pays a visit to Mirandola (7). Minimotor – Modena 4-6, three goals from Orfi and one from Livani.

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