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BioShock will also become a movie thanks to the participation of Netflix

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It is now official and will be produced by Netflix: we are talking about a movie on BioShock, one of the most popular video games of the seventh generation that will finally see its adaptation. Here are all the details we already know.

BioShock will become a movie thanks to Netflix – 16022022

We can define it as the renewed golden age of video games and cinema, and this news is further evidence of what we are going through. Also bioshockvideo game released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, It will become a movie. To take care of the cinematic adaptation of the video game we will think about it Netflix. But what do we know, so far, regarding the setup, date, and release date? Little, in fact, practically nothing. But the news was make it official From Netflix itself on Twitter, so we can safely say that in the coming months (or years) it should appear in its vast streaming catalog.

In addition to Netflix, of course, will be involved in the work on the project 2 K And take two, developer and publisher of the original 2007 video game and the entire franchise. ‘Adaptation’, quotes Netflix, which will bring the universe rapture (or Colombia?) that we’ve loved over the years and this, finally, will see a movie that – hopefully – deservedly represents him. In the image shared by Netflix, we see two different types of characters, i.e. my little sister And big daddy – So it is reasonable to assume that the film will focus on the story and the setting of the first act, ie rapture.

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Netflix confirms: Adaptation of the video game to the movie is ready

A video game that has won countless awards and acclaimed fans and critics alike. It’s easy to convince everyone when it comes to BioShock – and a few other titles in the gaming world. So the expectations behind the realization of the product and therefore the responsibilities of the producers They are of a high standard and diverse. The soundtrack, setting/level design, and also character design are some of the curious aspects of video game production that have charmed more than one generation of gamers. Will Netflix be able to represent 2K and Take-Two pictures the same way?

News that comes after the initial announcement of the production of a film based on BioShock, Arrived in 2008 and has not been confirmed again. Today may be the times at last, as we work on producing another chapter of the franchise, this time related to the video game medium – however, we don’t know anything yet.

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