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Press Release: New Tower Defense Game Provides Unique Experience for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Waterloo, Canada – Waterloo-based mobile gaming startup Legally Addictive Games has released their first offering for the BlackBerry platform. Titled Addictive Tower Defense, the game offers a compelling set of features, fast-paced, exciting gameplay, and beautiful graphics.
With six unique towers, eight maps, and four difficulty levels, the game offers a challenge to players of all skill levels. New maps will be released over time as free on device downloads.

A tower defense first, a feature called “Meeting Mode” allows the user to holster their device without immediately pausing the game. When the attacking units reach the “Safety Distance” marked by a red, dashed line on the map, the game will automatically pause and notify the user using a sound or vibration. This feature allows the user to inconspicuously pick-up and play whether they’re waiting for the morning train or waiting to get out of a less than important meeting.

Key Features

- Highly compelling character graphics and animations

- Download new maps through the on device client

- Detailed in game statistics to understand the costs and rewards of upgrades

- Post-game breakdown of all of the factors that affect score and performance

- Save progress on multiple maps to fine-tune strategies

- Participate in competitive online high score tables with other tower defenders

- Take in-game screenshots to share strategies with friends

Addictive Tower Defense is available for purchase through the MobiHand store for $4.99.

Contact: Michael Roberts

Co-founder, Legally Addictive Games


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