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Argentine striker Marcos “Caco” Orellano –

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Angus Hockey Vercelli Announces a new signing for the upcoming A1 Championship: It’s about Marcos “Caco” Orellano.

The 27-year-old Argentine striker comes from Candelaria Sport Club, a Portuguese second division team that recently failed to gain promotion to the first division after playing in the final. In the last tournament, Orellano scored 15 goals. In previous seasons he played in Argentina: recently in Lomas de Rivadavia, Social San Juan and Richet y Zapata.

Roberto CrudelliHV Technician: We monitored Orellano through contacts with Argentina Such as Mauricio Videla, Gonzalo Romero Lopez “Nolito” and Alessandro Verona (Nolito and Verona played their last season in Portugal at Sporting and met Candelaria, defeating them, in the Portuguese Cup, ed.) And everyone expressed their positive opinions about him. He’s a striker we’re betting on a lot, hopefully he’ll respond as we expect him to. Orellano has a lot of skating, is technically good, is physically fit, and comes from a tournament where the pace is always high. In preparation, we will study well its introduction and how to manage it: knowing it and observing it, we will try to find the solution to make it work as best as possible.

HV head Martha Anna Ferretti: We are delighted to have Marcos Orellano in Vercelli. theThe agreement was reached thanks to Mr. Crudelli’s connections and I trust his insight and this choice. I repeat it’s a bet, we hope you’re doing well with the team, Anyway, I’m focusing a lot on Kaku.”

Mr. Crudelli continues to talk about the setup:”We will start on September 3rdConsidering that there will be five weeks until the start of the tournament, the first day of which will be held on October 7.

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It is inevitable to talk about it Palpregnolato nodeCurrently under renovation: We’ll see if it’s part of the withdrawal, fifteen to twenty days, It will not be in Vercelli, because there is the problem of the path to which we have yet to have some answers. We will decide next week: We will talk to the municipal managers, trying to establish and understand what kind of solutions need to be found so that we can adequately prepare for the commitment, which is economically important for the club and the team. On the mathematical level. I spoke to Councilman Sabatino: he was very helpful, knowing the club’s massive economic efforts in recent years to give the city a team worthy of the hockey title. I am sure he will do everything we can to start preparing for Vercellieven if only with the use of the track without the changing rooms.”

President Ferretti, still at Palapregnolato, re-ignites the thought of the WSE Cup HV will play again this year: I want to bring Europe to Vercelli.

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