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The most expensive cars destroyed in the movie: Top 3 cars – the world of cars

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What do they have in common Porsche 917 KAston Martin DB10 and Rolls-Royce Phantom? Nothing is what it seems, except for the fact that these are three cars with a high list price. In fact, these three models have a peculiarity, they are The most expensive cars destroyed during the scenes of the movie. On the big screen we often see spectacular chases, where heroes and villains flee at full speed on their racing cars which in most cases end up being abandoned and damaged from one scene to the next. This is the case of these three models, who are united by a sad cinematic fate.

Like a Porsche 917K, with one example destroyed on set Le Mans in 1971. In this case, the scene was never included in the final script, but the car driven by David Piper hit barriers due to tire bursts while filming a high-speed sequence. The car was badly damaged but is still being rebuilt. Note that the 917K sold for 14 million in 2017 and the current valuation will be even higher, making this model one of the most expensive models ever sacrificed on the altar of movie fame. In second place there Aston Martin DB10 used in 007 Specter 2015. The famous chase sequence in Rome along the Tiber with the Jaguar C-X75 is among the film’s opening scenes with Daniel Craig as James Bond. In this case, the Gaydon supercar sank in the waters of the Capital River. In all, 10 cars were built for this chapter of the Secret Agent saga in the service of Her Majesty, with seven cars destroyed during filming. One of the surviving specimens was sold at auction in 2016 for a figure of nearly 3 million euros.

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Finally, on the doorstep of the podium of the most expensive cars destroyed in a movie there Rolls Royce Phantom Tony Stark From the 2010 movie Iron Man 2. The luxury sedan is literally torn apart during the Formula 1 race scene in Monaco, a scene not entirely filmed in CGI. Two Phantoms worth $493,000 each were used in the filming, with Ivan Vanko, Mickey Rourke’s character, cutting the car in half with his electrified whip.

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