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Christian, 14, is a cinematic talent, who makes his debut in the novel Don’t Leave Me

ADRIA – inherit Passion for cinema From Grandpa Danilo. He went to the theater from an early age with his parents, with his father Giuseppe, a freight company driverAnd Mother, Sylvia, is an elementary school teacher. a Home already remembered the lines. Christian Mancin It’s real talent. So much so that he was chosen to be a star imagination Prime time of Rai Uno “Do not leave me” Directed by Giro Visco with Vittoria Puccini, who appeared in the first two episodesAnd Monday airAnd collected good success With more than 4.5 million spectators. He has not yet appeared on screen, as he played one of the antagonists, Francesco Bianchi, as a young man, who is investigated for Thriller They shot too Polycinbut it will appear on the next Monday.
Mancin, 14 years old Adriaenrolled in the first head of Ipsia di KavarziriBy chance, sending pictures to Pour From the mother who watched the advertisement on the network. «They called me and asked me to send Video Where I had to play a small role and introduce myself – says Christian -. I haven’t known anything in a while. Then one day I was fishing with my friends and around noon I saw that there were 18 calls from my mother on the phone. I called her and she was crying, I didn’t understand anything, I immediately thought something had happened to my grandparents and instead they picked me and hired me».

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other production

This is how the spontaneous, careless Christian talks about his new adventure in television production as a hobby to enjoy. Instead, it seems like a real career since his first experience in Don’t Leave Me earned him the role of co-star in another Rai Cinema production. “My Paper Girls” By Luca Lucini, who is always set Veneto.
«Scenes in this seriesivù and to scale a Venezia it is in Rome – He says – between March and April 2021. When I first found myself in front of the cameras I was a little annoyed, but on the next cameras I was calmer, it was very natural for me, also because the crew comforted me, he interrupted the shooting with jokes and games. It was fun “.

Mira project

Christian is one of the young talents at the center Mira projectby Mira Topseva and Alessandro Pozzato, an actor exploration and management agency based in Veneto, a member of Asa (agents related offer) from Rome, ccooperate with Police Film Committee This suggests your location For cinema in the province of Rovigo.
«They are all waiting to see me Opinion – Christian smiles – My dad tells everyone, while I don’t talk about him much».
Therefore, he does not brag among friends, but rather wants to continue living the usual life, «Although I do not deny that I would like to dothe actor. But it is too early to say what will happen in the future. In the meantime, I am happy to participate in the auditions that Mira and Alessandro have had me do for different films for a year now.».
With his green eyes, the young actor looks forward with a frustrated look, without much expectation, and continues to paddle his boat in order to rower Adria, Traveling on his 1985 PK Vespa and disassembling and reassembling the engines while still studying Mechanics.
«she wasNice experienceand then continued, thanks to the trust and support of the Mira Project agency, with another Rai Cinema comedy – says mum Silvia Ingenieri – and Christian has helped so much that he doesn’t get lost in the frustration pandemicIt was a light in a very dark time. Not knowing if he will continue his acting career, my husband and I let him find his way, with the calm he has shown thus far. He’ll decide then, that he’s still too young. Of course we are the first fan».

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