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Press Release: Narconon Reviews publishes Police and Public Safety Records

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Researchers from Reaching For The Tipping Point publish documents exposing Scientology's drug rehab network, Narconon. Press Release (09/26/2015)

By David E. Love

A team of dedicated researchers from "Reaching For The Tipping Point" have once again, published a massive amount of documents on their Narconon Reviews website, exposing Scientology's drug rehab network, Narconon. In a Facebook post, Heidi Macavoy says: "For the past 6 months, we've been gathering police, fire and EMS records for the Scientology drug rehab network. In addition, we've been building a new segment into the document management system on Narconon Reviews for collecting "public safety" documents in a cross-referenced archive AND setting up a companion project page on MuckRock News where I do my FOIA Crusader work. The first juicy piece of all this work and due diligence has finally gone live today!"

A comment posted on the website today: "Thanks to Heidi and Ann for bringing this blog post and a boat load of documents to the attention of the general public. People need to be aware that these police reports, state inspections and survey responses are not isolated incidents. Through even a brief review of the documents on this site, including the many lawsuits, a trend of similar incidents emerges. Through their efforts, vulnerable people struggling with addiction may be better informed and avoid the Narconon snare."

Narconon Reviews is an impressive, well organized archive of evidence documents with at least 73 links to "Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office Incident Reports" and "Dispatch Logs" from 2005 up to 2015. The Narconon Reviews website is uncluttered and very easy to navigate to all the links where one can read the police reports and logs. Especially interesting, is the volumes of information about Scientology's 'Flag Ship' - Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. Wrongful death lawsuits are ongoing against Arrowhead.

An advocate for Narconon victims, Mary McConnell, who also helps with documenting Scientology/Narconon human rights abuses and fraud, posted on Facebook: "Terrific - so much proof that these facilities should be shut down."

Mary attended the Toronto Conference - "Getting Clear' June 2015, and gave a talk about the abuses inside Narconon. The Getting Clear conference brought together the largest group of critics, ex-members and experts on Scientology in history, and the Trailer video can be seen at this link here.

The Reaching For The Tipping Point website gives Narconon victims an opportunity to complete a 'Survey' and a new #358 response was published today. The common thread with Narconon drug rehab centers is the fraud, exploitation, staff having sex with patients, attempted suicide, and even death. Another common tragedy heard from countless victims, is how they were conned and didn't receive the treatment they or their loved one was promised.

A desperate and vulnerable parent explains what happened to their son:

Survey Question: "What were your reasons for choosing Narconon as a treatment center?"

Parent: (Excerpt) "He [Narconon] truly had me convinced that at this stage of my son's binge drinking that he had reached the critical stage where he might not survive another detox on his own without going into seizures and dying."

This type of sales pitch to a desperate parent is a "guilt trip" that plays on the parent's emotions and not wanting their son to die. Narconon Registrars and Field Staff Members (FSMs) will say whatever it takes to get the patient into Narconon with payment in full. Registrars earn a 10 percent commission for every new client, in many cases earning more money than the executive directors. It's a conflict of interest with money over welfare of the addict - a well-tuned salesman who can rebut anything the parent or addict may say.

Survey Question: "How many staff members were there?"

Parent: "12"

Survey Question: "Do you feel this was adequate?"

Parent: "No"

Survey Question: "If not, what were the effects or results of this?"

Parent: "The staff that he came in contact with were all interns with little or no obvious training. They were obviously very unprofessional. They were kids who were heroin addicts that had recently completed the program and stayed on to keep clean. They told of the things they had done to get their drugs. These were very personal and sad stories."

This is a common practice with many, if not all Narconons around the globe. As each Narconon student nears the end of their program, the staff begin to 'groom' the student to come on board and work for them. In the United States, these new recruits are called "interns" and receive very little pay. Before Narconon Trois-Riviers was shut down by the government, five graduate students were hired in one month and paid only $90.00 net per week for 40 - 60 hours work.

In reality, it's a form of slave labour that Canada has shut down, and needs to be addressed in the United States and elsewhere. Recovering addicts still need help long after any drug rehab program. Vulnerable Narconon graduates are pressed into staff positions when still in need of aftercare, not a job as a "pretend drug and alcohol councillor" with no qualifications whatsoever.

Survey Question: "If you left early, why? What were the circumstances of your leaving?"

Parent: "As soon as the drugs wore off and he could stand and think clearly he knew that this place wasn't an honest, accredited rehab facility. They called in a couple of people to keep him from leaving and it took a couple of hours before they relented and took him to a hotel. He thought that he might have to get physical to just get out of there."

The parents used their retirement money to pay Narconon and help their son, and stated: "These people prey on the desperate and uninformed, and they are very good at it. People only go to any of these websites as a last resort and are very vulnerable and desperate for help. It is unconscionable that they be exploited, especially by a representative of a 'church'."

"My son had to spend two days at a hotel to completely come off the drugs they had given him. He has not been able to sleep and his stress and anxiety level is still very high. His father and I are still not sleeping and the stress has had a very negative physical impact on both of us as well. We are retired and used our retirement money to pay for saving our son's life, not to enrich Scientology with no health benefits to our son."

When reading one of these completed "Narconon Surveys" one might think that the parents and patient are just disgruntled people, suffering from the stress of addiction in their family, but this is not the case. There are numerous and similar "Narconon Survey" reports from around the globe - Canada, Australia, England, Netherlands, and numerous States in the USA. Many of these reports tell a common tale of fraud, misrepresentation, and unwary patients being indoctrinated into the cult of Scientology.

Many people who have visited the Narconon Reviews website have filed lawsuits, and the list in the dozens is posted here. One almost needs a score-card to keep up with how many there are that allege fraud, misrepresentation, and wrongful deaths inside Scientology drug rehab centers.

Bio: Ann who designed and built Narconon Reviews:

"As a long time watcher of scientology, Ann believes Narconon hurts more people who may be vulnerable and desperate than any other scientology-related group. Armed with a bit of technical know-how (just enough to be dangerous), she started the Reaching for the Tipping Point forum, and designed and built Narconon Reviews with help from friends to share and expand knowledge about Narconon. She believes Narconon should tell the truth about their program, adhere to rehab safety standards, and obey the laws; and if unwilling, they should be closed."

Bio: Researcher, Heidi Macavoy:

Heidi "AnonLover" Macavoy is two of the many pseudonyms for an anti-cult activist, independent researcher and prolific doxinatrix from the Project Chanology chapter of the Anonymous collective. Her real name is R. M. Seibert, she loves popcorn and has been trolling Scientology with mad skillz since January of 2008. She was harmlessly doxed long ago, but continues to use various noms de guerre because she can. Also, for the lulz, because it irks those who failed to realize doxing someone who doesn't participate in illegal hactivism only empowers them to do even more for the greater good.

Cult Examiner, David E. Love links and cites Narconon Reviews and Reaching For The Tipping Point in his new book, "DANTE'S EIGHTH CIRCLE: Why Scientology's Narconon Must Be Stopped".


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