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Power Chair Hockey – Macron Warriors, Generation W Project Born

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Vidana An interesting project will be presented on Saturday 2 April, in Palasport di Marmirolo, on the occasion of a joint training session between Macron Warriors Viadana and Wolves Bareggio, a newborn wheelchair hockey club that will participate in the A2 series next season, an interesting project will be presented in which the two companies will participate . This is “Generation W”, an academy that aims to create a true network among strong chair hockey clubs that allows young companies to grow by exchanging resources and opportunities among all affiliates.
A project developed and commissioned by Macron Warriors who are once again showing their strong commitment both on and off the field. The cornerstone for doing this was laid by Macron, the Warriors and the Wolves Paregio, who on the occasion of the appointment on Saturday 2 April and through the voice of Presidents Fabio Merlino and Alberto Masini, starting at 3 pm, in a live broadcast on Facebook on the social channels of the clubs, will explain the goals of the initiative and its concrete aspects.
The project provides, at the sporting level, the possibility of organizing joint training, friendlies, tournaments and agreeing to allow the exchange of players between cooperating clubs. On the additional sports level, create opportunities to make available knowledge, contacts, play equipment or supplies of materials useful for sports activity.
“Another stone that increasingly composes the mosaic of Macron Warriors – explains Fabio Merlino -. The Macron Warriors team will allow their organization and knowledge to be useful for companies that sign the MOU. I am happy to start this path and that the first club we submitted our project to is Paregio Wolves. A selection arises The name, Generation W, comes from the fact that the two companies have the letter W as their maiden name and this puts all of the Academy’s subsidiaries on exact equal footing.”
“We are grateful to Macron Warriors – answers Masini – for the great opportunity they have given us. Although we know how much time is ahead, we do not stop dreaming big. Creating a ‘Generation W’ allows us to do so with more conviction and confidence ».

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