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Cats (many) and an interstellar adventure in the new cinematic trailer with Brie Larson

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The intergalactic battle begins New trailer from Marvels Just online. After the teaser last April, the The next Marvel movie Showing himself in all his explosive energy, he introduces us to the unlikely female protagonist of this new adventure.

Perfect sequel to the movie Captain MarvelAnd Marvels We’ll see Carol DanversI played the heroine Brie Larsonforced to cooperate with Monica Rambo (Teona Paris) And Kamala Khan (Iman Villani)whom we respectively met in the TV series See Wanda And Ms. Marvel. The three will have to save the universe from a new Kree threat, with one small problem: they keep switching places every time they use their powers. There will be space battles and … (many) kittens.

This is the official summary Marvels:

Regaining her identity from Kree tyranny, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, exacted her revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unexpected consequences lead Carol to shoulder the burden of an unstable world. When her duties send her into an unnatural wormhole connected to a Kree revolution, her powers team up with those of Jersey City superfan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s niece, Captain Monica Rambeau. This unlikely trio must band together and learn to work together to save the universe as The Marvels.

Also below is the new poster released by official channels:

Also in the cast Zawy Ashton As new villain Dar Ben, Samuel L. Jackson Like Nick Fury and the Korean actor Seo Joon Park In a role that has not yet been revealed. In addition, other members of Ms. Marvel’s family will be returning, such as brother Amir, who plays himself Sagar SheikhHis father, Joseph, who licks his face Mohan Kapoor And her mother is responsible for the role assigned to her Zenobia Shroff.

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Directed by Nia DaCosta on a script he signed Megan McDonnellAnd Marvels will hit theaters in November 10, 2023.

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