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eTA Canada: What it is, what it is for, what to do to ask for it – 10 Questions and 10 Answers – Newsfood – Nutrimento e Nutrimente

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eTA Canada, Electronic Travel Authorization, Visa-free for those seeking to travel to Canada by air for work, study or vacation or short stay

Milan, March 28, 2022

From September 2021, foreigners holding an eTA will be able to continue flying safely in Canada.
Canada is a vast area of ​​forests, lakes, and rivers where nature is still present and pollution is still acceptable.

For many of us who have always “lived” fighting against red jackets by Grande Blake, the great country of North America is undoubtedly the object of dreams; Or White Fang or “Call of the Jungle; and before that the Gold Rush of 1925, starring Charlie Chaplin’s driver; even Scrooge Scrooge began to make his fortune from gold mines in Canada.

Since the discovery of gold at the Fosso del Coniclio in the Glondike (16 August 1896) the great bet for Canada has been to extract 400 tons of gold (currently worth 56 euros. 16. x 400 million grams per gram = over 2 billion euros).
This may be a good idea Apply for eTA Canada Go live to see what this vast country offers, which offers even better opportunities for all those who wish to lend their support to the country’s controlled development.
For those who are “out of place” in Canada, eTA is a tool that allows you to prevent fools, idiots, and those who live using others from entering.

What do I need to do to get an eTA for Canada?

Here are ten questions and ten answers

1) What is eTA Canada?

eTA Canada -Electronic Travel Authorization- is an electronic travel permit for those entering Canada by air for a holiday, study, business or short stay without a visa.

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2) Who can apply for eTA Canada?

The electronic permit to enter Canada can be used by foreigners from one of the exempt countries Visa for CanadaAll European countries, including those who wish to enter Canada by air for less than 6 months, in the presence of certain requirements for reasons such as study, business, tourism, vacations, work.

3) What are these requirements in detail?

To obtain an eTA, you must be a citizen of a Canadian visa exempt country (e.g. Italy and other EU countries), have a valid passport and do not pose a threat to the security of the state, public health or the application of laws.

4) For those who have or have problems in the judiciary, what are the barriers?

Applicants must not have a serious criminal record or have committed crimes related to drug possession and trafficking, have not been driving under the influence of alcohol, or have been convicted of misconduct or misrepresentation. A notice is required to ensure that international visa law is never violated or subjected to aggressive conduct.

5) What are the rules to be respected in relation to Govt?

The passenger must comply with applicable Italian regulations to go to the airport and then, during the journey, inquire whether he is complying with the anti-Govt regulations in force in Canada.

6) Are there any special procedures once you reach your goal?

Once you receive the eTA In Canada, the process is much simpler as the passport is automatically checked during the check-in process upon arrival at the airport.

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7) Do minors have the same procedure?

Yes, even children (boys) coming to Canada by air must have their own passport and eTA, which their parents may request.

8) Where and how can I apply for eTA Canada?

Requests must be made online, through the traveler and / or authorized offices. The You can pay online. After verification and approval by competent authorities, you will receive eTA confirmation by your email address.

9) What are the times to get permission?

Usually from a few hours to a few days, except for specific closing moments, if necessary supporting documents or random checks by the Ministry.

10) What is the eTA duration for Canada?

The maximum validity period is 5 years and is linked to the validity of the passport. With a valid, non-expired passport, you can enter Canada multiple times, each time for a maximum of 6 months Editorial Staff
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