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Do you want to invest your money? Do it in these 5 countries: A home costs less than €45,000

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If you have a little money to invest, then you should choose one of these five countries: the comfort is very extreme

Today as today, many families in Italy Struggling to make ends meet. Since the pandemic, also thanks to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the cost of bills, raw materials, fuel, and spending on food has skyrocketed in an incredible way, and with salaries always the same, savings have been greatly reduced. But if you have something aside and want to invest it, Do it like this.

Invest your money here: these 5 countries are the best

Out Different investment methods from your savings. This can be done by buying stocks and shares, and then by contacting a bank or financial intermediary, for example; Alternatively, you can choose to invest in physical assets such as gold or gold in the real estate market. If the latter appeals to you, check out these five countries: Here, home prices are unbelievable.

If you want to invest your money, buy a house here: it will be the bargain of your life

Let’s forget about the prices of Italy, and above all the prices of megacities like Milan. In some parts of the world a house is very cheap: An example of this is Ecuador, where homes can cost less than 30,000 euros. Here there are breathtaking views, between the sea and the mountains: however, if you like the city, consider that in the capital, Quito, it can cost home Less than 50 thousand euro.

Invest your money here: these 5 countries are the best

Also in Brazil The same goes: here a house can cost a little more than a car. In particular, houses in the state of Amazonas are sold for dirt cheap, but this also applies to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the two largest cities in the country. If you don’t like South America and want to stay close by, you should Bulgaria assessmentIn its capital, Sofia, hundreds of apartments cost around 40,000 euros and are definitely worth taking advantage of.

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Another cheap one for sure turkeyWhich lies between Europe and Asia. Some homes here cost between 30,000 and 60,000 euros and these are not isolated cases: there are so many offers of this kind that it is hard to believe. Still in America, however, Also Mexico Many homes are offered at low prices: some apartments near the sea can be bought for less than 50 thousand euros, which is a dream for those who love these areas.

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