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Media Release: David Miscavige Scientology slammed today by Karen De La Carriere

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Today, ex-Scientologist, Karen De La Carriere uses satire to expose the lies of Scientology leader, David Miscavige, revealing his shortcomings and shameful behaviour of misrepresenting to parishoners, the destruction of psychiatry. Media Release - (03/16/2014)

By David Love

On a Facebook post, Karen 'declares', "David Miscavige views himself as a Legend in his Own Mind. He commands Time, Space, Dimensions we know of and other Dimensions we know nothing of. [Miscavige] -- The master of the spiritual future destiny of all Scientologists."

"Four times a year, every 3 months, David Miscavige, Scientology leader and dark heart, has an "International Event". Here he declares the most amazing statistics of how Scientology is practically taking over the world."

Karen De La Carriere is indeed, a person who speaks her mind on her YouTube channel, 'Surviving Scientology' with 8,170 subscribers and 1,365,920 views.

Karen's journey in Scientology lasted decades. "She worked aboard the flagship Apollo with founder L. Ron Hubbard and after 35 years of active contribution, Scientology Incorporated manipulated her son against her and he was forced to DISCONNECT."

Following the death of Karen's son, she was blocked from seeing his body at the morgue by the 'Black Bag' operation of the "Church" called "Office of Special Affairs - micro managed by David Miscavige.

"These events have motivated Karen into disclose more and undress the fabricated "Religious Cloaking" of a "church" that has been on a 30 year CRIME WAVE."

In today's 'Surviving Scientology' video, Karen De La Carriere uses wit and satire as a creative tool to ridicule Miscavige's vices, follies, abuses, and utter misrepresentations to blind, indoctrinated followers.

Today's video demonstrates ludicrous claims by David Miscavige:

MISCAVIGE: "In rehab centers [Narconon] where we now salvage and educate to cut drug use every 60 seconds and in classrooms where we now bring the gift of learning and literacy to students every 10 seconds."

KAREN: "I want to believe this is true … I want to believe this. Dazzling statistics but there is no way of proving any of it."

MISCAVIGE: "If you've heard expansion in the last 5 years was greater than the last 50 years combined, it's true, except we just doubled it all over again in the last 12 months, so yes, thine eyes have seen the glory of the International Association of Scientologists."

KAREN: "I think I've reached a higher state of awareness … looking at this … but my ears hurt …"

As Miscavige attacks psychiatry with his global extinction agenda, Karen De La Carriere responds with, "I've been attending these IAS events for many, many years, and I've heard about the destruction of psychiatry - the obliteration of psychiatry, but it is a puzzle because psychiatry is not destroyed."

David Miscavige compares his 'Scientology Online' statistics to the Vatican, Mormon, and even Tony Ortega's online statistics.

KAREN: "WOW … I am so impressed … I am dazzled … in fact, I'm feeling an urge to take out my Visa, Master, America Express."

MISCAVIGE: "The Church of Scientology didn't just win, rather, our victory is now thee human rights standard for religious freedom across all of Europe."

KAREN: "I think this is just wonderful … oh' my … I might not even be able to sleep tonight … I am so excited."

Miscavige speaks about a publication claiming that, "Scientology influences our legislators, our Food and Drug Administration, our schools, and our media," -- emphasizing Scientology's [CCHR] actions as "Psych-Busters."

Today, Karen De La Carriere uses satire and irony as an effective source to understand a corrupt, intolerant organization under what 'some' have called: "A sociopath dictator who micro manages a business, not a so-called religious entity."

Scientology as a BUSINESS:

On March 14, 2014, Tony Ortega's 'Underground Bunker, headlines, 'TEXAS JUDGE DENIES SCIENTOLOGY'S 'ANTI-SLAPP' MOTION IN RATHBUN SUIT', and Ortega gives us stunning details:

"The Scientology defendants filed an 'anti-SLAPP' motion, claiming that Monique's lawsuit was merely an attempt to stifle the church's free-speech rights. In a controversial move, Scientology admitted to sending the private eyes and other operatives to follow and confront the Rathbuns, but argued that it was within the church's religious rights. Granting the motion would have ended the suit."

"Instead, Judge Waldrip found that Scientology's own affidavits and testimony showed that it had initiated its campaign against Marty Rathbun as a way of protecting its turf in a trademark dispute, and as a business dispute, the anti-SLAPP motion doesn't apply. We have the detailed motion below."

"As Defendant CSI [Church of Scientology International] asserts and argues, Mark Rathbun's activity of offering Scientology services is a business. If so, the Church's own activity of offering Scientology services is also a business."


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