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Three stops for art sciences at Palazzo dell’Esposizioni

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It is not a simple exhibition, but a 360-degree cultural event proposed in Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, with Three stations for science and the arts.

What are the three stations of art sciences offer

Until February 27, 2022 This broad project traces the connection between art and science from three different perspectives: the historical (Rome flag. The past, present and future of the city(technical)you with zeroand contemporary scientific researchsuspicion. Interpreting the present, anticipating the future). The review, promoted by Rome cultureDesigned and organized byPalaexpo Private Company In cooperation with many public institutions, including National Institute of Nuclear Physics INFN To whom we owe the entire design of the “Uncertainty” exhibition, while our support Sapienza University Museum Complex in Rome.

Thus, the event is curated by a cross-sectional group of experts who leave nothing to chance. In this way we wanted to break out of the usual idea of ​​the gallery to offer a holistic experience, which would embrace and favor the meeting and exchange between multiple disciplines, with the aim of achieving the indispensable cultural fruits of interdependence.

A world of characters, objects, and places tells of pre-Roman Rome, from prehistoric times to Galileo Galilei, until today: it turns out that the first school of chemistry was founded in San Lorenzo Monasterywhere the boys via Panisperna, or that the impulse was sent from Rome to run Christ the Redeemer to Rio de Janeiro Or, again, on the roof of a church Saint Ignatius of Loyola The first astrophysical observatory was established in Europe.

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Actress Maria Adele del Vecchio

Three stations for science and the arts He also sees in his program meetings, workshops, lessons and sound performance. In the video, we suggest the artist’s intervention in particular Maria Adele del Vecchio, called by Choose Contemporary To share a personal account of science related to art and culture: starting with the story of his medical grandfather in Basel, he comes to talk about Giordano Bruno, To provide Laura BassiHe is one of the first scholars in history to the extent that he narrates the events that were associated with him Ettore Majorana for a nuclear bomb.


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