December 9, 2023

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Netflix, the 5 most scandalous movies of all time by the platform

Netflix is ​​a platform that offers content for all tastes, and it is constantly being renewed. In fact, there are many New for February In terms of films, with the arrival of products of undoubted quality. But even the best sometimes cheat: Here are the 5 worst original movies on Netflix.

death note
the live death note It was undoubtedly one of the least popular products on the popular platform. Adaptation, the accused whitening, did not maintain the spirit of the original anime, which makes it very American. very.

365 days
This Italian film sparked a lot of discussion, and it was often for 50 shades. However, in comparison with the latter, it is more frivolous, and carries a questionable relational dynamic, in which a woman becomes almost an object. The characters are very flat, and in the end one wonders: Was there a need for a movie like this?

In this case we are faced with a Horror about zombiesDefined by many as a decidedly poorly formatted movie. Not only visual, but also narrative, as no innovative elements are added to the typical zombie epidemic story.

Secret Possession
Secret Obsession is a movie about a man’s obsession with a woman, and he is willing to do anything for her. The problem with this film is mainly in the cliched and highly anticipated plot, which retains not only any element of surprise, but also its The direction isn’t particularly cinematic.

IO is a post-apocalyptic film, entering this ranking for a reason: This is boring. In fact, we do not find any new element in this genre, and what is proposed has already been done before and is better in other works.

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