December 6, 2023

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“For Guerra, it is okay to give space to Bologna and dismantle the choir” –

“For Guerra, it is okay to give space to Bologna and dismantle the choir” –

“The danger of the Teatro Reggio losing its choir due to the administrations of Pezzarrotti after 10 years, which, thanks to the same mayor, lost an orchestra, is still serious and tangible.”

This is stated in the note of Liga de Parma.

“Culture advisor, mayor candidate for Pizzarottini and PD party, Michele Guerra, was among those who applauded the presentation of the program of the Verdi Festival 2022 in which Parma will sing not the opening opera for the first time workers but from the Teatro Comunale in Bologna – continued Parmesan sponsors – this marginalization of the most important show Parma’s last professional opera master can boast every year in his own theater, opening up to its deconstruction and to the colonization of Bologna which had already begun with the entry of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna with its workers as the founding partner of the Verdi Festival itself.

As an association, we have asked repeatedly in recent weeks, both in the Emilia-Romagna region and in the municipality of Parma, that this billboard be retracted, to return the proper dignity of the Teatro Reggio choir during the festival over the years that have contributed to making it a major international event. We have taken upon ourselves the anxiety of Parma when seeing their city under Bologna also from a cultural point of view. But we only received dodgy responses, or rather a sloppy blame game straight from Pizzarotti.

Chancellor Guerra says no words in contrast to this infinite poverty of our city on the many occasions on which he participates, including the day he is always present in the choirs with AERCO. It seems clear to us that Verdi’s opera tradition of Parma must give way to Bologna.”