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Football – Left midfielder Mikael Bitesi has arrived at ASD Città di Casale

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Official press release of ASD CITTA' DI CASALE

The winter transfer window ended last December 22, but the arrivals at the Nerostellata Stadium did not stop in order to make El-Sayed's “team” more competitive and complete. Claudio Berotti. The free agent market is in turmoil (as it always is this offseason) and the division is where the search for a DS is concentrated danielle bonelli, He's the one in midfield After his recovery after Christmas, the left-footed midfielder arrived at the 'Bianchi' for a short trial period. Michael Betsy. Born in Vercelli on April 19, 2000, he came through the youth teams of Pro Vercelli and then moved to Casale FBC in the summer of 2017. The Juniors and Serie D were sold to new signings Nerostellato, the following year to LG Trino in Excellence. A season and a half at Biancoplo and later returned to “Bianchi” with the Blacks in the Italian League. Another move to Trino (in Iselenza) and in 2022-23 a trial in Lombardy with Granata Libertas Rubio. In the first part of the current tournament, Baitesi played for LG Trino. After parting ways with the second-placed team at the end of the first round, he convinced the coaching staff of Città di Casale and from today is officially a player of the President's Club. Zanphorlin. Inside the midfield (184 cm and weight 78 kg), he also knows how to play on the wing. An important additional resource for the division that collapsed on the last day of the market Lorenzo Zaia To arkuaties.

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Betsy Michael

Vercelli, 04/19/2000
2023-24 LG Trino (Promotion)
2022-23 Libertas Rubio (Promotion)
2021-22 LG Trino (Franchise)
2020-21 Casale FBC (Series D)
2019-20 LG Trino (Franchise) / Casale FBC (D Series) 2018-19 LG Trino (Franchise)
2017-18 Casale FBC (Junior/Serie A)
2016-17 Pro Vercelli (U17)

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