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Pescara Football: A decisive week, Navarra and a new coach

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Football in Pescara: the decisive week begins. Sebastiani awaits the final response from Rosetta Navarra. The new coach will be chosen on Friday. The market out Sorrento asked for a collage. At 6 pm, in via Carducci 69, the new Pescara Football Store opens.

The decisive week begins. On the institutional level, after the positive meeting last Friday, Sebastiani is waiting for the response from Rositano Navarra, a businessman from Ferentino who works in the waste disposal sector.

There is a general agreement: Navarra enters the club with 20% with the option to acquire the majority of the share package by June 30, 2025. The agreement will of course be ratified. Among other things, Sebastiani has expressed his desire to hand over the presidency to Navarra.

At the end of last Friday’s summit, the businessman from Ferentino expressed himself this way on our website

“I like Sebastiani’s proposal. I hope it will be formalized within the next 48 hours.”

48 hours to think about the work. With the middle of the weekend passing, it is easy to predict that Navarra’s final answer will arrive between tomorrow and the next day.

Meanwhile this afternoon Sebastiani will meet with Dele Carey to evaluate the choice of the new coach. Among the various candidates (Taysir, Caserta, Chiapella), the name of Vincenzo Maiori also stands out, who is 55 years old and, in the last two seasons, he coached Sorrento, achieving promotion to Serie C in 2023. As a footballer, he was only 18 years old. In his first year, Maiori played in two Serie A tournaments at Francavilla under the late Emidio Luciani. Later, from 2001 to 2003, he played for Julianova.

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