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Women’s curling Italy wins first tournament of season in Canada – OA Sport

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The S3 Group Curling Stadium Series In blue are: TheWomen’s Curling Italy with the creation of Stefania Constantini (Fiom Oro), Angela Romi (Fiom Oro), Marta Lo Deserto (CC Dolomiti) and Giulia Jardini Lacetelli (Curling Club Dolomiti)with’Coach Violetta CaldartSuccess in Canada First match of the season.

TO Swift current Blue colors close First phase with three wins out of four challenges: Success 13-2 over Team Barber of Canadiensto failure The Ha team is 4-7 against the South Koreanssuccess 5-4 Japanese team Sasakiand pledge 7-3 on Team Tisdale.

In The second is the knockout stage The Blues outscored I first Yoshimura 7-3 of Japan in the quarter-finalsThen inside Semifinal 5-1 for AckermanFinally in In the final, Team Ha defeated the South Koreans 7-3.

So Al Federal site Violetta Caldart: “A great performance by the girls who focused on bringing the best game to the track. A victory that gives hope and confidence. From Thursday we begin with the most important tournament of this Canadian tour, featuring 7-8 Grand Slam teams in North Bay.“.

from October 13 to 16In fact, blue will participate in it RBC Dominion Security Western Conflict: “The team hopes to be able to compete at the highest levels in an important test to gauge the progress made over the past two months.“.

Photo: LaPresse

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