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“Escaped from my wedding rehearsal dinner”

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In a recent interview with Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence talks about abortion and other topics that are particularly dear to her and also revealed an exciting episode that included Robert De Niro and her wedding rehearsal dinner.

The Italian-American actor was actually invited to the Oscar-winning actress’ wedding with Cook Maroney though You don’t really want to attend such a mundane event He introduced himself there. However, his face must have expressed his thoughts and so Jennifer Lawrence realized there was no need to hold him against her will.

“He’s great on set. He is simply the sweetest man in the world. Even if the look seemed to inspire fear. I invited him to a rehearsal dinner for my wedding, obviously expecting him not to come. And when he came, I said, ‘Bob, you don’t really have to be here. You can go home.’ And he said, ‘Thank you very much and then he’s gone.’

However, the relationship with Robert De Niro has become really deep over the years and her former star hunger Games She admitted that she often turns to him for some advice in the field of cinema. a few months ago Jennifer Lawrence becomes a mother And following the actress’s words, we can be sure that her friend Bob was not chosen to be the godfather to the unborn child.

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