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Pergine also wins game two

Pergine also wins game two

Hockey Varese Berghain - Photography by Roberto Guernetti

For the second time in a few days Mastini must swallow intense bitterness 3-2 In favor of Bergin. the The lynx is taken, With minimal waste, And also final match 2 In international humanitarian law and an attempt to deliver a decisive “blow” to the series that awards the title.

once again The advantage is not enough for Varese – The goal scored by Neslund midway through the first third, although the course of the match in the city on the outskirts of Trento was different this time from the course of the match at the Asink Ice Arena. The difference, in a very balanced comparison again, is made by Cases of numerical superiority: Achieving decisive goals for Lincy In the third in a row – with the extra manTellaro's marking and the final minutes he played, all with Perla called to the bench to have an extra man on the ice, were of no use.

It's a shame, because it's a mastiff They were not particularly undisciplined (10 minutes is not too little but not too much either) But on the other side is the Ambrosi team Granting only one power to Vanity and his teammates. Details that made the difference in the end as well as some saves from Rigoni who confirmed himself in excellent form after Saturday's excellent performance at Albany Road.

And now? Now in the Varese house we must first of all Have your calendar and regulations handy Let us remember that the series is still long: IHL has been won with four successes, namely Bergin is halfway there however – The results and progress in the two challenges say so – He still has a good piece to overcome From the title. Essential for Mastiffs, Don't make any mistakes in Race 3Thursday evening (8:30 p.m.) on home ice: By pressing the first arrow, everything can be reopened.

the match

the – As in Race 1, Game 2 also offers no particular excitement for much of the first half. The two teams study each other, accelerating each time, careful not to commit any fouls and give up the extra man. Honestly, some pucks hiss near the goalposts while… Rigoni and Perla They are completely alert. To get the target siren you have to wait until 13′ And the atomic width of naslund, Whoever receives the disc in blue and empties it diagonally cannot be stopped 0-1. Opening the score makes the ending more open: Bergin roars with Betito, The yellow and black defense shuts down other attempts and both teams rest without other goals as well because the post says no Crevillari And Limay.

secondly – The good Varese, organized and alert, seems to be able to pass unscathed until the central period in which Mastini also has the sole strength Power play Out of the race, untapped. Peruso The partners try to force the defense of the home through force Rigoni For exhaustion: The danger escaped from Bergin, who in turn applied pressure in front of the cage Pearl Which still performs well. Then to less than 3' From the end, this is the equalizer: the usual red and white restart and serve up the puck Gabri For towing Christian Bono Who does not make a mistake this time, and as usual, sparks celebration at this moment.

Third – We start again with the result of a draw, but at a later time 5′ Eric Mazzacane He takes one penalty Due to late game: The yellow and black defense withstands the home team's first wave, but then Pearl He should Give up On a roll than usual Limay (His qualifying result became increasingly noticeable) with the help of the Bono brothers. under 2-1 Mastiffs go on the attack and try more with quantity than quality: Tellaro He commits an individual foul on the goalkeeper, who then rejects the attempts Peruso, Winslund, and Sheena. But when the Swede is forced to foul due to a mistake by his teammates, Bergin once again has the extra man and takes advantage Betito, who shot the ball into the net From a few steps after the failure of his first attempt. Fortunately, even the people from Trentino allow something for inaccuracy: disc loss Ambrosie And this time Tellaro (Eighth goal in the qualifiers!!!) He inserted the puck behind Rigoni With over 5 inches of play. Then Czarnecki takes Perla away, and they play with their hearts in their mouths on both sides but the result no longer changes: 3-2 for Bergen And Varese, whose back is now against the wall.

Berghain Al-Aqil – Mastini Varese 3-2
(0-1; 1-0; 2-1)

Tags: 1.23pm Naslund (P – M. Borghi, Peroso); 37.09 Bono Street (F – Muslin, Jabri); 46.58 Limay (P – Ch. Buono, Ca. Buono), 54.14 Bitetto (P – Ca. Buono, Ch. Buono), 54.37 Tellaro (V – Majul).

Two towers: Rigoni (Zanella); Bono, Gamper, Gabri, Lacedelli, Ambrosi, Giacomozzi; Foltin, Lemay, Musilan, Che Bono, Berger, Betito, Manganelli, Filiotti, Flisati, Marano, Andreotti, Guizo. All Ambrosian.
Varese: Pearl (Marinelli); Naslund, Raimondi, Schina, Crivillare, Bertin, E. Mazzacane, Vanilli, Vignoli; Peroso, Vanetti, M. Borghi, Petronero, Magol, Tellaro, Jarau, M. Mazzacan, B. Burgi, T. Cordiano, Perino. All.Czarnicki.
the reviewer: Pedana and Moschin (Cristelli and Vecchio).
NB. Penalty: D 2, D 10. Superiority: D 2-5, D 0-1. Attendance: 803.

Final International Humanitarian Law – Programme
Race 1: Varese – Berghain 2-3 (Series 0-1)
Race 2: Berghain – Varese 3-2 (Series 2-0)
Race 3 (Thursday 4/4, 8.30pm): Varese – Berghain
Fourth match (Saturday 4/6, will be final): Berghain – Varese
Eve. Fifth match (Tuesday 9/4, 8.30pm): Varese – Berghain
Eve. Sixth match (Thursday 11/4, final): Berghain – Varese
Eve. Seventh match (Saturday 4/13, 6.30 pm): Varese – Berghain


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