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4 ideas, photos and tips

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Wicker benches are becoming more and more of the heroes of our gardens and that is why they deserve due attention. In today’s article, we will try to look at at least four tips to get the most out of them.


The wickerfar from being considered a second-class product, it has become Over the years he has been one of the furniture heroes from every home. especially in places external Wicker is found in most things we own: from chairs to hammocks to benches.

Let’s talk about A material capable of giving a touch of individuality And why not, it is also old-fashioned to our furniture and at the same time it can improve everything around it when it is surrounded by greenery.

Of the things mentioned above, only one object excites a Charm Especially, above all When placed in a context such as a garden. We are talking about wicker seatwhich, especially in summer and spring days, is able to give an extra touch to our outdoor furniture.

Finally on the bench It seems to us the perfect place to relax and forget for a moment the frenzy of everyday life Or simply have a drink with friends or family before dinner or lunch.

In today’s article we will find out at least Four interesting ideas and tips About how to make the most and not destroy the potential of wicker benches.

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

1. Place it strategically

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

Consider where you place your wicker seat for at least one reason. In fact, it should be You see your wicker thing is not just a piece of furniturebut the core of everything connected.

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In other words, enjoying a beautiful garden or a bright green space Your seat should be strategically placedLike under a tree. However, the layout of their own seats It depends on the size of the garden itself And the fact that there are other things.

Obviously these ratings are very subjective and depend from case to case, but in general it is a good idea to make an effort in this regard especially when you intend to buy a house with a garden.

2. Wicker seat: decorate it with cushions

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

To better enjoy the sunny days, why not Improving the furnishing of buildings even outside indoor environments? In short, many people attach importance only to the internal layout of buildings, while forgetting about the external design. Instead, it is a rather grave mistake Depending on the garden you have and your tastes.

So how do you make your chair aesthetically pleasing? nothing easier, Just put a cute embroidered and colorful pillow on topwhich you can move with the seat wherever and whenever you want.

The aesthetic aspect is not a secondary fact but rather A parameter that should always be taken into accountespecially if you have a large and huge house that must necessarily be decorated.

3. Wicker Bench: Consider the measurements

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

If you are going to buy a rattan bench, the minimum to do is do it Measure the size of your piece of furniture.

If you have green and ample spaces then not one benches can be entered, but more wicker benches can be brought in, considering they can be moved anywhere you realize it is a huge plus. If you have garden little more young It’s best to avoid bulky items.

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It may sound like a side hustle, but consider the size of your bamboo stool It is necessary at least so as not to “spoil” the attractiveness of green spaces: We often choose the method of buying a large seat just for the sake of aesthetics, and instead we have to Evaluate everything from a more general point of view.

4. Wicker seat: clean them regularly

Wicker bench: 4 ideas, photos and tips

a advice Important, not only for bamboo benches, but also for other things, It is washed periodically. In the summer months when they are used continuously and given the fact that they are practically located outdoors, it is a good idea to clean them well every now and then.

The procedure for cleaning bamboo is very easy, as it is very similar to wood: Just first dust off the feet and armrestsand then Moisturize all ingredients.

Once you use the cloth to carefully clean the wicker, The advice is to let it dry in the sun; Or if necessary, you can dry it yourself with a clean cloth. We always talk about natural fibers Very sensitive and needs proper attention.

Gallery of ideas and pictures for wicker benches

The material from which the benches are made, made of bamboo, as mentioned more than once, should not be underestimated at all. Aesthetically, they make any type of bench elegant and suitable for all age groups.

Below we will see some photos that confirm what was said earlier.

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