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Euthanasia for the mentally ill? Here is Trudeau’s amazing progressive Canada

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Trudeau’s progressive Canada is a wonderful and sophisticated country, in fact he has been working to determine who should be given medical help to die of mental illness. In other words, euthanasia can be granted to someone who is mentally ill.

According to D reports, physician-assisted death is often important for people with end-stage diseases such as cancer.To the national post . However, there are various issues with the passage for consent to euthanasia for a psychiatrist.

Dutch Psychiatrist Dr. Cisco von Wein, with cancer, notes that “in psychiatry, what you have is the patient’s story, what you see with your eyes, what you hear and what his family says.” No physical fit.

Without the “predictive prognosis” of mental disorders, it is almost impossible to diagnose the person’s suffering and ability to heal. How to grant permission for these cases? Yet it continues to be discussed.

By March 2023, Canada will be one of the few countries to allow mortal medical assistance or MAID for mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dr Grainne Neilson, a forensic psychiatrist at Halifax and former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, said: “I think there will be a lot of uncertainty about how to use this in March 2023. My hope is that psychiatrists will go with caution and concern. MAID has not been used instead of equal access to good help. Make sure.

The argument made in MAID for mental illness is strong. Many in the field of psychiatry think that mental illness can never be cured and that there is always hope for a cure. Others argue that “there is still a lack of deep understanding and fear of mental illness, and that opposition reflects a long history of paternalism and a reluctance to accept that the suffering caused by mental illness is as painful as suffering from physical pain.”

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Despite everything, including doctors’ suspicions, the idea of ​​euthanasia has entered parliament. After all, with the death of an assistant, a lot of money is saved for treatment, so the government that pays for treatment in Canada also earns it. A pinch and go.

In 2019, a Quebec High Court judge declared the death penalty reasonably unconstitutional and said that people who were in unbearable suffering but did not die immediately still had a constitutional right to euthanasia.

In March 2021, the C-7 Bill was approved, which made changes to the eligibility criteria. The “reasonable expectation” criterion has disappeared, and from March 17, 2023, after the expiration of the two – year period rule, MAID will be extended to gifted adults with only a mental illness. So there will be more euthanasia for everyone in Trudeau’s vast Canada.

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