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WhatsApp, great news for vowels: now it can be listened to like this

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past time The WhatsApp working on several New Jobsalso to make up for the large delay it reduces compared to cablewhich is the main competitor app for WhatsApp Every month introduces new features. Latest WhatsApp news related to Voice messages Which audio files They are sent or forwarded in chats, which will be available a lot soon More comfortable when listening to it.

Grandma is”Universal voice notes player“, This is it universal audio playerand now present in All beta versions From WhatsApp: iOS, Android, WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp Desktop for Windows. This clearly means that he is also on his way to Stable and official versions From the chat application, this time there is little doubt about it. at the same time We can try already All new launcher, using WhatsApp Web and multi-device activation, forcing us to join the beta program and, indirectly, giving us this new functionality. The new animated character launcher is very comfortable And after trying it, we will not be able to do without it even if it is still incomplete and we need perfection.

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New WhatsApp launcher: how it works

Operating the new WhatsApp Global Voice Note Player is simple and instant: just start playing an audio or audio file inside the chat and then Move to a different chat.

New audio player will follow us: In the mobile versions, we will find it at the top, above the WhatsApp screen, while in the web and desktop versions, it will be located at the bottom left, below the list of contacts.

In both cases it can be closed, using the classic button in the form of “X‘, but it cannot be moved to another area of ​​the screen

New WhatsApp launcher: How to try it now

As mentioned earlier, the new universal player for audio files has appeared only on WhatsApp beta versions The most popular and most used chatting application in the world. Which means that those who did not sign up for the beta testing program will not find it in the official and stable WhatsApp application. WhatsApp beta tester closed years ago Nobody can enter it anymore.

However we can all try using the new player WhatsApp Webany version of the WhatsApp browser, which contains a file open test program to the public and this, in fact, obligates us Use the trial version If we intend to use another very important feature of WhatsApp: multi device.

Simply log in to WhatsApp Web by going to the address Via Chrome or any other browser and perform the actions of connecting the smartphone to the computer, Via QR Code. After letting us in, WhatsApp Web will show us a home screen inviting us to enter the beta program to activate WhatsApp Multi-device.

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When we did that, and It will take very littleWe will also be able to use the new universal player for audio files.

New WhatsApp launcher: what’s missing

Thus, the new WhatsApp Global Voice Note Player is very convenient and is the classic functionality that “It took“. From before. However, it is not perfect, because it has more than one limit. For example the fact that he has practically no control, apart from Play/Pause.

So we can’t Go forward or backward When playing the audio or file, and when the playback ends, the player automatically closes. It is not even possible to use a file Run 2Xto listen to I Accelerated vowels If it is too long.

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